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Friday, January 20, 2017
There's no place like home for the MHHS Tigers (02/26/15)

CMA continues sexist ways, overlooks Miranda Lambert's achievements (11/06/14) 3

Rice fired for Goodell's choices, not his own (09/09/14) 8

Cooking without gas: who needs Walmart? (07/20/14) 11

A month without Walmart contiunes: (I'm too lazy to count the days) (06/25/14)

Interaction with police: Know Your Rights (06/22/14) 31

City Council: Mountain Home needs a dog park (05/11/14) 19

Six reasons Kacey Musgraves should hang out with me when she's in Boise (03/09/14) 3

A month without Walmart continues, overcomes biggest challenge yet (01/20/14)

My blog year in review: 2013 (12/29/13) 2

War on discrimination, not Christianity (12/21/13) 12

Giving tree brings hard realities, spreads joy (12/11/13) 3

A month without Walmart: Day 10: Challenges ahead as the holidays approach (12/10/13) 1

So long, coach Pete (12/06/13) 22

A month without Walmart: Day 4: socks (12/04/13) 1

A month without Walmart: Day three: hair cuts and dog food (12/03/13) 6

A month without Walmart: Day one: A visit there and the $ store (12/01/13) 1

A month without Walmart: T-1 day (part two) (11/30/13) 3

A month without Walmart: T-1 day (part one) (11/30/13) 1

Black Friday specials can wait until Friday, not Thanksgiving (11/28/13) 4

Lack of police accountability cost taxpayers a lot of money (11/20/13) 3

We have to do more because our veterans deserve more (11/12/13) 6

Local service done right (10/21/13) 1

Apparently it takes more than sharing a name to make a marriage work (09/20/13) 1

Woman allegedly stabs man who wouldn't stop listening to the Eagles (09/17/13) 6

School adds alleged rapist to roster, claims "error of judgment." (09/13/13) 5

Dog saves child from abusive babysitter (09/12/13) 4

Hardcore Pawn seems as real as pro-wrestling (09/03/13) 2

Judge blames victim, sentences former teacher to 30 days in jail for rape of 14-year-old student who later committed suicide (08/28/13) 2

I agree with President Obama, law school needs to be shorter. Or improved. (08/24/13) 3

The truth about 15 reasons to date a lawyer (08/20/13) 1

Idaho grad Kristin Armstrong helps Boise State Broncos stay focused (08/19/13) 1

Guest blog: hurdler Christie Gordon starts late, finishes third at Canadian National Championships (08/01/13)

There's not a lot of good news to be found in the sports section nowadays (07/26/13) 2

Catch Johnny Nunez's commercial during tonight's MLB All-Star game (07/16/13) 2

How a recent law school grad views the Trayvon Martin verdict (07/14/13) 2

The Millionaire Matchmaker is the best show on television* (07/11/13) 4

A guy's perspective of ABC's "The Bachelorette" (07/09/13) 1

A closer look at the Hawthorne Police Department, which recently shot a man's dog after arresting him for filming police officers, shows a disturbing history of police misconduct (07/02/13) 21

What would you do with a rescued moose? (06/14/13) 4

If you're ever incarcerated and don't know how to talk to your children about it, Sesame Street can help (06/13/13) 1

Guest blog: new author Brando Christo on inspiration behind "Transcended" (06/12/13)

Dunkin' Donuts is the best (06/10/13) 2

Coffee shop thoughts (06/05/13) 2

Overrated Kenny Chesney, new talent Kasey Musgraves take stage tonight in Boise (05/30/13)

A little FAQ with M-E (05/23/13) 3

Everyone loves grandma, even dogs (05/17/13) 3

Which school in town is ranked the highest? The answer here. (05/16/13)

Help a fellow Mountain Homie get to Uganda (05/14/13)

School's out... forever! (05/11/13) 6

Never saw anything this cool while working at AJ's (05/02/13) 2

Why Jason Collins' decision to come out is significant (05/01/13)

Old faces, new roles (04/26/13)

First-person account of the Boston Marathon bombings: Dee Villarreal (04/24/13) 2

26 examples of humanity from the events in Boston (04/20/13) 2

I'd rather be Tony Stark than Iron Man (04/17/13) 1

Support, not pressure those considering coming out (04/10/13) 1

Brad Paisley and LL Cool J: great effort, horrible execution (04/08/13)

President Obama is the perfect choice to replace Alex Trebek on Jeopardy! (04/05/13) 86

The Band Perry Pioneering its own place in country music (04/03/13) 1

How to improve Netflix instantly (04/02/13) 2

An inside look behind Tony Romo's new contract (03/31/13)

Five links Friday: March 29 (03/29/13) 1

27 things that happened since the Miami Heat last lost a game. (03/28/13)

Is gay marriage legal in other places? (03/27/13) 71

Examining George Strait's reign at the top (03/25/13) 7

Follow me though law school (01/18/11)

WAC fires intern for costly mistake, BSU loss (11/28/10) 22

I turn 27... and write about it (10/26/10) 1

My niece teaches me a lesson (09/16/10) 1

Taylor Swift's next album will define her career (09/11/10)

I'm back in print (08/24/10)

An open letter to Boise State president Bob Kustra (07/28/10) 10

The Stockade's secret bar (06/16/10) 1

Yet another reason I love my mom (06/13/10) 1

Memorial Day hero brought shovel to gun fight. (05/31/10) 1

How to write a research paper (05/28/10) 1

Why I'm voting yes for the school levy (05/27/10) 6

American flag T-shirts, common sense, a no-go on Cinco de Mayo in Cali (05/06/10) 6

Super feel good story of the week: boy saves Seattle Sounders (04/30/10)

The latest case against BCS system comes from the basketball court (04/04/10)

Sorry, Canada, I'm a bad influence (03/17/10) 3

Call reunion, farewell tours what they are (03/16/10) 1

More addicting than meth (03/12/10) 4

If you're going to break the law, or do something your mother wouldn't approve of, stay out of the news (03/11/10)

Bars are no place for children (03/11/10) 2

Follow me at the Olympics (02/23/10) 2

Bode Miller reinvents legacy in Vancouver (02/23/10)

Look for me at the Super Bowl! (02/05/10)

Is it asking too much to talk to someone who speaks English? (02/04/10) 12

Shooting hits hard, highlights importance of gun safety (02/03/10) 7

Do celebrities get in on Facebook doppelganger week? (02/02/10) 3

BSU vs. TCU protects BCS interest, robs fans, schools (12/06/09)

A lasting memory from my sister's wedding (12/02/09) 5

Taylor Swift's big night too big and Darius Rucker gets it because he gets it (11/12/09) 2

Best. Gift. Ever. (10/25/09) 4

BSU's Petersen will look to prove he's top Dawg (10/15/09)

Taylor Swift vs the king of pop (10/13/09) 1

Drunk, naked and stupid people get arrested too (10/12/09) 2

Obama's win doesn't pass common sense test (10/09/09) 9

Finally, an Obama quote everyone can agree with. (09/15/09) 1

Kanye West is a tool, ask Taylor Swift (09/14/09) 5

Scorned women are Krazy (09/13/09) 3

Blount went too far after swing (09/05/09) 3

Health care debate: one thing all can agree on (08/22/09) 8

Thoughts from the road (07/26/09) 3

Boy's life or YouTube? (07/23/09) 1

Good day cares in town??? (07/22/09) 3

The real reason GMC needed bailed out (07/18/09) 2

Indiana prisoners have it made (07/14/09) 5

Road trip suggestions? (07/05/09) 5

Redheads rock (07/02/09) 1

Sex for chips, anyone? (06/26/09) 4

Is anyone really surprised when a politician cheats on his wife? (06/25/09) 1

Why I'm not using The Princeton Review LSAT Online course (06/25/09) 1

So maybe people don't take naps in tattoo chairs afterall... (06/23/09)

Naps in tattoo chairs, not the best of ideas (06/20/09) 4

Feel good father day's story of the day (06/19/09)

Ten reasons I should stay at Idaho for law school (06/18/09) 1

The song I like most at the moment (06/17/09) 1

Ryann Leigh loves me (05/28/09) 4

Who needs Memorial day? (05/25/09) 1

How to register for your semester of college classes (05/21/09) 2

How much potato makes a potato chip? (05/20/09) 1

Put your hands together for... (05/20/09) 7

Moving, need boxes. Help? (05/19/09)

Who steals free stuff? (05/18/09)

Mountain Home High School wins softball state title (05/18/09)

I wanta go out like the Man in Black (05/15/09) 1

British pop star of the day (05/14/09) 1

And you thought your family photos were awkward... (05/13/09)

Three more chapters to go (05/12/09) 1

Why it takes a lot to shake me story of the day (05/11/09)

Mother's day song of the day (05/10/09)

Bristol Palin may not be the best choice to promote abstinence blog of the day (05/07/09) 5

Marine turned Bronco of the day (05/05/09) 1

College basketball player asked to leave the NBA draft of the day (05/04/09)

Girl with a name that sounds a lot like a famous actress video of the day (05/03/09)

Random item of the day, day one (05/02/09)

I want to waste my life aWii (04/26/09)

Texting strangers is bad (I think) (04/15/09) 4

A Super disguise (04/10/09) 1

Trying to help make the world a better place (04/06/09) 3

Now we're cooking with wine (04/01/09)

Your moma facebooks! (wait, that's my mom we're talking about) (03/31/09) 1

Going postal (03/26/09) 1

Get caught up in the (March) Madness (03/18/09)

Ryann Leigh's first teddy bear (03/13/09) 5

She's not you. (03/02/09) 4

Think your day was bad? Check out other people's stories. Feel better about life. (02/28/09) 3

Princesses and fairytales (02/16/09) 4

Matress shopping, not fun. (02/12/09) 3

Why it's easier to be a guy than a girl (02/05/09) 6

I have a new zip code. (02/03/09) 3

If you like my work.... (01/12/09)

My first baby shower (01/06/09) 6

My New Year's resolution (12/31/08) 2

I love her and I haven't even met her. (12/16/08) 7

Countdown to Twilight (11/17/08)

If you're going to Moscow this weekend, be warned (11/14/08) 1

Santa wrote me back and why Palin cost McCain the election (11/06/08)

Four rules for talking politics (11/05/08)

What Obama's win doesn't mean (11/04/08) 21

Day six: while having second thoughts can be bad (10/30/08) 1

Seven to go: voting for an elitist (10/28/08) 2

With eight day left, get to know who you are really voting for (and Santa's place in this election) (10/27/08) 3

Thoughts of the first time on day nine (10/27/08)

Ten days and counting. (10/26/08)

The best position in all of politics (10/14/08)

Why you shouldn't vote for McCain (10/08/08) 16

girlfriend+sword = always right (09/17/08) 1

Six girls I'd cheat on Taylor Swift with (09/16/08)

My 2007 "interview" with Lance Armstrong (09/10/08) 1

Fake your own death and get away with it (09/03/08)

Sarah Palin: the one that got away (09/02/08) 3

Picking Obama's number two man (08/22/08) 5

If you're not a BSU fan (and aren't a Vandal), maybe you should be. (08/20/08) 3

Joe Orus gets free cross-country trip at Kentucky tax payers expense (08/19/08)

Mount Isa's mayor looking for ugly women. (08/18/08) 2

Who can tell a soldier in uniform no? (08/17/08) 2

Out of Town (08/02/08)

Can I borrow your kids tonight? (07/30/08) 1

The worse disguise ever (special thanks to Spencer Taylor for getting arrested). (07/29/08) 1

How to (not) pick up a girl. (07/28/08) 1

Someone let me into the Mormon temple. (07/24/08) 15

Next time there's a string cheese bomb, call me. (07/23/08)

Sugarland's Love on the Inside is love. (07/22/08)

Ten year olds shouldn't get married, raped or divorced (07/17/08)

Don't waste your money on Taylor Swift's new CD, Beautiful Eyes (07/15/08) 1

Topless Mormon calendar a no-go (07/14/08) 2

US Airlines cutting movies, what's next to follow? (07/10/08) 2

Sex on the beach not Dubai's cup of tea (07/09/08) 2

Tim McGraw: Army of one (06/26/08)

Google helps you rob people (if you're into that sort of thing) (06/24/08) 1

Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees tickets (06/23/08)

The best from the week that was: June 20 (06/20/08) 1

Spanish speaking people must love Sugarland, too. (06/19/08)

You can poke an eye out with those panties (06/18/08) 2

What Gore's endorsement really means (06/17/08) 4

The happiest two people Hilary won't be President (06/13/08) 1

Kanab, Utah, just might be the stupidest town in America (and proof that not all of Fox News' staff are useless) (06/12/08)

Condom fun in Antarctica (06/11/08)

The skinny guy discount is a rip off (06/10/08) 2

Nashville Star: Career advice from the lowest bidders (06/09/08)

McCain's vice president should be... (06/06/08) 1

Lesbian action should be reserved for late night TV (06/05/08)

My advice to graduates: go to college, here's 14 reasons why (05/30/08)

Doing my part in helping Fox News fight terrorism (05/29/08)

Where's my free pot? (05/28/08)

What's a guy gotta do to get a break? (05/27/08)

If you're going to cheat, upgrade (05/22/08) 1

I'm not homeless, I swear (05/20/08) 1

I'm going to wait it out and get it for free. (05/15/08)

Hollywood's hottest reporters/reporter girlfriends (05/12/08)

Let's siesta! (05/05/08) 1

I want a skinny guy discount when I fly. (05/01/08) 2

Will Boise State fans ever shut up after 2006-07 season??? (04/18/08) 5

Sarah Johns agrees to have my babies (04/18/08)

Five reasons Kelly Pickler should just disappear. (04/15/08) 4

Wayne rocks Grizzly Rose, venue doesn't rock (04/10/08) 2

Country artist Jimmy Wayne is going to make second chance count (04/09/08)

Another reason why I don't like Bronco fans (03/26/08) 5

Caught up in the Madness! (03/20/08) 7

Robert takes on the ACM's (03/11/08)

The first of many (03/11/08)


The idea behind Robert's Random is for me to write about whatever I'm thinking about whenever I'm thinking it. I try to write 3-5 times a week, but sometimes real work gets in the way of that. Sometimes I'll share whatever random thought I might have that day but most of the time, I like to write about things going on in the news. I'm a total news junkie, I spend a lot of time online at various news sites. If I find a story where someone does something totally stupid or I wonder "what were they thinking?" I don't mind pointing it out incase others missed it or taking my best guess at what they were thinking. I like to laugh, I like to make others laugh. There's so much serious and wrong stuff going on in the news that when I find an unusual or light story, I like to use it. And while real life news events might be the focus of many of my blogs, I'm just trying to entertain you, make you laugh and maybe even think about something you didn't know before reading. I'm not trying to break any serious news or deliver any hard-hitting coverage. You'll have to read a paper or watch one of the network shows for that.