Letter to the Editor

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Letter guidelines for the Mountain Home News:

1. Letters on topics of general public interest are welcomed.

2. All letters to be considered for publication must include the name and address of the writer and a daytime telephone number where the writer may be reached during normal business hours.

3. All letters must be signed. The name of the writer will be published.

4. Letters may be mailed, faxed or e-mailed. The mail address is Letters, Mountain Home News, P.O. Box 1330, Mountain Home, ID. 83647. The fax number is 208-587-9205.

5. These guidelines notwithstanding, the editor will make the final determination on the suitability of all letters submitted for publication.

Political Letters to the Editor policy

Any letters of endorsement of or in opposition to candidates, as well as letters from or about candidates, will be published as Paid Election Letters (PEL) and are subject to a $25 fee for up to 100 words, plus an additional .25 cents per word beyond 100.

Letters addressing ballot issues or political opinions without Candidate/Party association may be submitted as letters to the editor for consideration and will not be charged a fee.

All letters to the editor of general topics are accepted according to paper guidelines. To ensure publication, Paid Election Letters (PEL) must be received by published advertising deadlines. No negative letters will be published any later than two weeks prior to election - No Exceptions. PELs must include the name of the individual submitting and paying for said letter. “Paid for by committee” is not acceptable without the name of the paying individual identified and published. Submitted letters must be submitted electronically to both advertising@mountainhomenews.com and bfincher@mountainhomenews.com or in clear typed text and in compliance with published deadlines.

All letters must include the submitting individual’s address and daytime phone number for verification and prepayment purposes. Anonymous submissions will not be considered. PEL’s will be assigned paid advertising space and MUST be paid for at the time of placement. The Mountain Home News reserves the right to refuse any advertising. All letters to the editor of general topics are accepted according to current paper guidelines. All letters to the editor are space available and at the editors discretion. The editor reserves the right to decline any letter.

For policies about political letters, contact us at 587-3331.