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Monday, March 27, 2017

Birth Announcement

The Mountain Home News congratulates you on the birth of your child. The newspaper will normally receive birth announcements from St. Luke's Elmore hospital. Those who wish to have their announcement printed in the paper must sign a form indicating such. Births that did not occur at St. Luke's Elmore but involve parents who are residents of Elmore County or eastern Owyhee County (only) may be submitted directly to the newspaper. The newspaper must receive birth announcements within one month of the date of birth.

Your name, address and telephone number must be included before the announcement will be published in the newspaper (this information is for verification only and will not be published).

If you have any questions, call Brian Orban at 208-587-3331 or e-mail borban@mountainhomenews.com.

Name of Baby:

Date of Birth:

Hospital - name and city:

Parents Names:

Include mother's and father's first names:

City, state:


Height (length):

Name and ages of siblings (designate brother or sister):


Paternal Grandparents:


Maternal Grandparents:


Great-grandparents (if any):

Contact person name and phone number: