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Friday, April 18, 2014

Wedding Announcement Form

When listing the names of the people in the wedding, include their city and state of residence as well as their relationship to the bride and groom. Courtesy titles are not used: women are listed by first and last name. For example John and Jane Doe instead of Mr. and Mrs. John Doe. Because of space limitations, please be as brief as possible. Information will be edited to conform with The Mountain Home News style. Wedding announcements submitted more than four months after the ceremony will not be published. For information, call 208-587-3331.

Bride's name and address:

Daughter of and address:

Please list bride's married name as it will be used:

Groom's name and address:

Son of and address:

Bride's grandparents' name(s) and address:

Groom's grandparents' name(s) and address:

Date and hour of wedding:

Place of Ceremony:

Officiating minister:

Members of the wedding party, identifying the matron of honor, all bride's maids, the best man, groomsmen, ring bearer and any other members of the party.:

OPTIONAL: Please identify the colors and theme of the wedding and a description of the bride's gown.:

Please offer any additional information you would like to see in print regarding the wedding.:

Wedding Photo:

Person submitting form:


Phone Number: