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Tuesday, January 17, 2017
There's no place like home for the MHHS Tigers
Posted Thursday, February 26, at 12:33 AM
I've gone to more Mountain Home High School boys basketball games in the past two weeks (three) than I did in four years of high school (one). I wrestled throughout high school and spent most game nights on the mat, either at a tournament or in the practice room...

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CMA continues sexist ways, overlooks Miranda Lambert's achievements
Posted Thursday, November 6, at 10:31 PM

Miranda Lambert had a huge night last night, picking up four Country Music Association awards. She won her fifth female vocalist award, setting a new record in the category. She was nominated twice for vocal event of the year, an award she won with Keith Urban over Carrie Underwood. And she took home the awards for single and album of the year...

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Rice fired for Goodell's choices, not his own
Posted Tuesday, September 9, at 12:11 AM

The NFL dropped the ball handling Ray Rice's two-game suspension after he was caught on tape dragging his unconscious now-wife out of an elevator in an Atlantic City casino in February. More specifically, the league's commissioner, Rodger Goodell, fumbled the opportunity to take a hard stand against domestic violence and made his brand look silly for suspending a man for two weeks for knocking out a woman while suspending players who came up hot for recreational drugs for four games or an entire season around the same time.. ...

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Cooking without gas: who needs Walmart?
Posted Sunday, July 20, at 7:47 PM

I like to spend Sundays cooking breakfast and lunch for the week. Then I put the food in plastic containers, take them to work with me Monday morning and I've got breakfast and lunch for the rest of the week. This comes in handy on Thursdays and Fridays when I've forgotten about the time spent cooking Sunday and I'm like, "Hey, yummy lunch here in the fridge with my name on it. I don't even remember making this food. But I'll eat it!"...

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A month without Walmart contiunes: (I'm too lazy to count the days)
Posted Wednesday, June 25, at 11:08 PM

In November, I decided I was going to attempt to go the month of December without shopping at Walmart just to see if I could since Walmart is pretty much the worst company in America (OK, so maybe not the worst, but it's close). What I found was that it was incredibly easy to do so. Want to know what the secret to not shopping at Walmart is? It's not shopping at Walmart...

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Interaction with police: Know Your Rights
Posted Sunday, June 22, at 2:21 PM

I've recently put together a brochure for members of the public on how to handle interactions with the police to maximize protections of their constitutional rights. I am willing to mail the brochures to anyone who requests one using the email address provided...

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City Council: Mountain Home needs a dog park
Posted Sunday, May 11, at 7:53 PM

Monday night the Mountain Home City Council will take comments from the public regarding its proposal for a dog park. The meeting starts at 6.p.m. A dog park in Mountain Home is a great idea and it's a shame we do not currently have one. If you own a dog, a dog park is a great place to let your dog run around and burn energy with minimal work from you and socialize with other dogs and for you to meet other dog owners. ...

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Six reasons Kacey Musgraves should hang out with me when she's in Boise
Posted Sunday, March 9, at 4:19 PM

Dear Kacey, Boise is an awesome city. Like a lot of country music fans, I am looking forward to your visit and show Wednesday night in Boise. But before the show, I was wondering if you'd like to hang out for a bit. Here are six reasons to say yes:...

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A month without Walmart continues, overcomes biggest challenge yet
Posted Monday, January 20, at 9:43 PM

My month without Walmart has extended into two-thirds of January and survived its toughest test yet: an iPhone charger. I'm on at least my fifth iPhone charger since I made the switch to the iPhone less than two years ago. I go through them pretty fast because I watch a lot of Netflix on my phone while it's charging and the cord gets bent up in the process...

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My blog year in review: 2013
Posted Sunday, December 29, at 9:58 PM

I've done a lot more writing this year than in year's past. In fact, I've written more the past two months than I have the past two years with the start of a new blog project on an additional site. I've also done some guest blogging the past few weeks, which is always fun...

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War on discrimination, not Christianity
Posted Saturday, December 21, at 8:06 PM

Since A&E suspended Phil Robertson people have claimed that there is a war against Christianity. There's no war on Christianity. Nobody wants to take your Jesus from you. There is a war on discrimination. People want to end it. Wrapping your discriminatory views in the cloak of religion does not make them okay...

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Giving tree brings hard realities, spreads joy
Posted Wednesday, December 11, at 11:49 PM

I decided two years ago that sending my two nieces and nephew Christmas gifts was pointless. My nephew was just a few weeks old and my youngest niece was only a few months older. Neither one was capable of understanding the concept of Christmas and getting gifts. And even if they could, like my then-two-year-old niece, they didn't actually need anything. All of my sisters' kids have everything they need and then some. They are very fortunate in this regard...

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A month without Walmart: Day 10: Challenges ahead as the holidays approach
Posted Tuesday, December 10, at 9:38 PM

It's day 10 of my self-imposed month without Walmart and I'm just about a third of the way through the month. I can't say I miss Walmart and I'm enjoying shopping at other stores in town. It also helps I spent the weekend out of town, it's a lot easier to not shop there if I'm in a town without a Walmart...

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So long, coach Pete
Posted Friday, December 6, at 2:00 PM

Dear coach Pete, I've always hated what you've built at Boise State, but I've always admired and respected how you went about building it. It's not your fault your school's fan base is made up largely of people who never went to your school or have any idea that outside of the success your teams have achieved on the field, Boise State offers very little to be proud about...

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A month without Walmart: Day 4: socks
Posted Wednesday, December 4, at 1:10 PM

Ever since I started wearing dress shoes every day to work three weeks ago, I quickly discovered what an inconvenience it is that there are more work days in a week than there are pairs of dress socks in my dresser. (It's typing sentences like that one that make me realize and appreciate just how much in my life I have to be grateful for.)...

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A month without Walmart: Day three: hair cuts and dog food
Posted Tuesday, December 3, at 9:13 PM

Today's challenge in my Walmart-free month consisted of getting a haircut and dog food. I'm required to get a haircut once a month, which is the exact number of times I get one a month. I used to just go to a random barber or hair shop to get it cut, but when I lived in Moscow I accidentally stumbled into a place where this awesome lady cut it and an awesome price and I liked talking to her, so I kept coming back...

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A month without Walmart: Day one: A visit there and the $ store
Posted Sunday, December 1, at 10:05 PM

My month without shopping at Walmart began with a trip to the store. However, unlike most trips there, I didn't buy anything and instead left the store with more money in my pocket then when I entered. Since I cancelled my services with Century Link last week, I had an extra telephone laying around my office I didn't need so I returned it to Walmart for a refund...

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A month without Walmart: T-1 day (part two)
Posted Saturday, November 30, at 11:20 PM

I've thought about giving up shopping at Walmart in the past but didn't think it was a viable option living in Mountain Home, where the store is the largest store in town, but I decided to give it a serious attempt after the events of the past week...

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A month without Walmart: T-1 day (part one)
Posted Saturday, November 30, at 11:20 PM

For a number of reasons I will describe here, I have decided to refrain from shopping at Walmart for the month of December. To some people, this doesn't seem like much of a decision because they haven't shopped there for years or started their boycott of the store when they opened...

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Black Friday specials can wait until Friday, not Thanksgiving
Posted Thursday, November 28, at 1:01 PM

I remember when Walmart first opened up here in Mountain Home. It was my final year of high school. The day after Thanksgiving my mom went to Walmart super early and purchased microwaves, toasters, plates, cups and other things my sisters and I would need once we started college the following year...

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