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Sunday, April 20, 2014
Legacy of Legends 2014 Day 3
Posted Wednesday, April 2, at 4:53 PM
3rd morning in, and I"m real excited to see how this final day plays out. I HATE to miss anything, but on this final day, I really don't wanna miss anything, because at that point, there's nothing more to see. I'm already inspired and so impressed with everyone who has done their demonstrations, and I"m so happy also, that Jilly has been able to witness these literally World Class Events by World Class People. ...

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Back in the Saddle
Posted Tuesday, April 1, at 5:33 PM

We waited for these moments....and here they are. These first few are a couple weeks ago, on a real warm day obviously. We didn't have Marshmallow home, but Beamer here is more than up to the job of taking care of our girl. She asked on the way home from school if she could ride.... so who am I to say "no"?...

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Legacy of Legends 2014 Day 2
Posted Wednesday, March 19, at 5:16 PM

Day 2, you can tell everyone is gathering down in the arena to see the 2nd day of colt starting. Today I'm happy that I should be able to stay for the entire thing! Buck and Mindy Pretty relaxed looking colt here, don't you think? Some people think that we 'rush' them, .... ...

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Legacy of Legends 2014 Day 1
Posted Wednesday, March 19, at 4:04 PM

I'm always excited the first day of the Event. Heck, I'm excited every day of this event. Ok, I'll be real honest. I'm excited for the event that will be held next year the first weekend in February 2015! Things are about to start, you can tell, when the saddles start showing up...

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Vegas Trip Vegas Trip
Posted Tuesday, February 11, at 3:40 PM

Well, We prayed it would happen, we hoped it would happen, and then we even planned it would happen. Then we actually did make it happen. We were able to take Jilly to our annual trip to Las Vegas, for the Legacy of Legends. Wayne and I love going to this every year. ...

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So Very Grateful
Posted Wednesday, January 22, at 4:00 PM

The last few weeks have really impacted me. In what I think is a good way. I spent nearly a month, living in St. Lukes Childrens' Hospital. And while this is not what this blog is about, I learned that those are some very special people. They aren't just there, doing 'a job'. ...

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Toughness is in the soul and spirit
Posted Tuesday, January 21, at 4:00 PM

This is going to be a bit long. And it's for family, and whoever ever would like to read it. These last few weeks have been, well, literally Life Changing for our family. We celebrated Thanksgiving, much the same as we always do. There were few of us, but we spoke to distant family on the phone, and just relaxed and enjoyed our time. ...

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Walking in High Cotton
Posted Tuesday, November 26, at 6:31 PM

I mentioned earlier that we got to go to Georgia to a clinic. This clinic was by Carolyn Hunt and Jaton Lord. They are 2 of our very good friends, and we were especially lucky to be able to go to Georgia and attend the clinic, and meet so many new friends. ...

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Whistle Grin & Ride on the Continental Divide
Posted Sunday, November 24, at 11:56 AM

I mentioned on a blog a few days ago, that Wayne and I had been on a trip, and rode over the Continental Divide. It made me realize that I was being amiss in not blogging about that trip. It was the end of August, to the first of September. It is an Annual by Invitation Ride only to honor Ray Hunt, and his philosophy to just "Whistle Grin and Ride" We left on a Thursday and got together near Salmon, Idaho for an evening with friends. ...

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Filly Update
Posted Friday, November 22, at 4:42 PM

Well, the filly has been moving right along. She's sweet and I can't wait to see where she goes. At 13 or so months, we can already see that she is quiet minded, and kid gentle. And of course, Jilly loves her a lot already. Could be she'll be in the Elmore County Fair next summer, but we shall see how it goes. This is one of the first days that Jilly handled her, and with the other horses looking on to make sure all goes well, she's doing a fine job...

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Give Thanks
Posted Wednesday, November 6, at 5:32 PM

There are so many things I'm thankful for. I went thru some of my photos, and grabbed a few that caught my eyes, as a favorite. I take so many photos during our days, but there are some that when I see them, I know "This is a favorite" As always the Grandchildren hold a top stop in my heart, and in my husband's heart also. Then comes our daily lives with horses, cattle, and outdoors...

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Do you share the wonder?
Posted Tuesday, October 22, at 6:52 PM

Our lives revolve around just a few things. Top of the list, is our grandchildren. I know I post a lot about horses and ranching, but there is a reason to live, and it's for these little people. We make sure we involve them in all aspects of our lives, but sometimes, a day is just for playing...

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My Hero, always
Posted Tuesday, October 22, at 5:41 PM

It doesn't matter the age of the kid, we always have a birthday party. The kid this time, is one of the biggest 'kids' around....my Dad. My hero, the one I've looked up to all my life. That man has a Legacy of family that loves him so much. This was a small dinner, this year, as half the Mountain Homies was sick, and some just don't live here any more. ...

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A Sunday With Grandkids
Posted Sunday, October 20, at 5:04 PM

I kind of mentioned it before, but I'm confirming it now. I have sold my big bay horse. He is leaving here in the Spring. But he officially does not belong to me any more. He now belongs to a lady in Kansas, who's name is Katie. She assures me he will have a "forever" home, and that she is super excited to meet him in person. ...

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Just A Couple Days
Posted Friday, October 18, at 4:57 PM

This photo is from a couple weeks ago. We had to go check on some of the cattle on a Sunday. This mare is called Blue Jean. (because she's blue) but we just call her Jean. This is, I believe her 3rd ride, ever, and somehow, we wound up out there without a bridle for her. No worries, we had the halter she was wearing...

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Bruneau Round Up 2013
Posted Tuesday, October 8, at 4:54 PM

Remember, if you don't wanna see lots of photos, click "BACK" now. Or give in and enjoy for a moment Last month was the annual Bruneau Round Up. We go every year, to at least one day of it, though it's a 2 day event. If you haven't been, you're missing one of the states best rodeos ever. There are events unique to the Round Up, and the traditional events too. It's a family oriented weekend, and fun abounds. Again, as I say all the time, we honor the flags....and hang them proudly...

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Young 'uns
Posted Wednesday, October 2, at 8:47 PM

Here are a few colts that we've been working with. Previous to coming to us, they were unhandled. They are yearlings, and are from another ranch here in Idaho. These are some nice colts that Wayne had the handful of a job to "halter break" The term "halter break" is kind of one I don't like, cuz really "breaking" brings to mind old time practices of roping a colt and choking them down, to subdue them to the halter. ...

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Shoshone County Fair
Posted Friday, September 27, at 6:43 PM

Yep, we are gluttons for Fairgoing. We had a bit of a stake in this Fair also. A good friend of ours has a daughter who competes in Shoshone, and we had helped her a bit, and she is using my English Saddle and Stuff. She/Christine, has requested a promise from us that we would go and watch her 'Go" Promise given, so here we are...

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Tuesday is Working Ranch Horse
Posted Thursday, September 26, at 5:31 PM

the Working Ranch Horse Chairperson this year, was Sherri Karren. Sherri is a local woman, who grew up here and was in 4-H herself. She's also a teacher locally, and has a way with kids that is amazing to watch. I'm so happy that she takes on this challenge year after year!...

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Monday at the Fair
Posted Monday, September 23, at 6:33 PM

I have to admit, that Halter/Showmanship classes have never been "My Thing" But it's something that is at every show, and is mandatory in a 4-H project to Complete your Project. So, I"m relatively used to it..... and I do LOVE the outfits that show each kid's unique originality...

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