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Friday, November 28, 2014
A MAN named Mike and a good lookin' gal
Posted Tuesday, November 20, at 12:49 AM
Hey Mikey, This really isn't a blog but, I thought I'd share anyway. Maybe it can be called a Thanksgiving blog. I saw this video and it made me a little teary eyed. Made me think of you and your beautiful daughter also. I appreciate and love both of you guys very much...

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Posted Wednesday, November 7, at 1:08 AM

My wife and I have a few dogs (A greyhound and two Shepherds). 2 out of 3 eat poop out of the backyard. Everytime we let them out to go potty, they continuously do it. It can't be for the nutrients, they've been used up. It may for the smell, the looks, or even the sound of it, who knows? All we know is it can't be good for them. We yell at them continously and feed them what they need but, they still choose to eat poop!...

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Putting the election first
Posted Wednesday, October 3, at 1:45 PM

I don't have time to write about this since I have to be at work in a few minutes but, this story speaks for itself. The White House has asked Lockheed Martin to not announce layoffs until after election since it will make Obama look bad. There is a law that requires "most employers with 100 or more employees to provide notification 60 calendar days in advance of plant closings and mass layoffs."...

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Big Fatty!
Posted Monday, May 14, at 1:55 PM

I was just up at Paul's Market picking up some bologna, baloney, whatever you want to call it, to make my lunches for the week. As I'm in the check out I notice a very heavyset guy in front of me buying a dozen donuts and a gallon of chocolate milk. I think to myself, "does he really need to be buying that, *giggle*?" Then I noticed that he was paying for it with a foodstamp card. Then I got mad and thought to myself, "do I really need to be buying that for him?"...

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Here we go again
Posted Thursday, May 10, at 1:45 PM

The Justice Department is now suing the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. Apparently you are not suppose to detain Mexicans. You are suppose to give them guns and send them on their way. How many states are they suing now? I don't know too much about history but, can someone tell me if this has ever happened before? Has the government ever went after this many states and organizations before? You know how everyone has that crazy uncle that thinks he's the only sane one in the family? I think this administration is my uncle.. ...

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See Ya!
Posted Saturday, May 5, at 10:34 AM

11 Signs your campaign dreams are over 1) You wake up on January 1, 2012 and realize that you have done NOTHING to justify the faith the American people had in you when they elected you. 2) You threaten the Supreme Court and suddenly realize that the rest of America will not back you up. Federal judges lecture you on the relationship between the executive and judicial branch, and assign homework to make sure you get the point...

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Don't mess with Texas
Posted Monday, March 12, at 5:36 PM

And now they are going after Texas for requiring people to have ID to vote. How is Texas wrong? We were stationed down in Texas for 6 months before we moved here in January. When I bought beer there, I had to show ID. When I flew out of San Antonio, I had to show ID to board the plane. Why shouldn't you have to show ID to vote?...

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You're black, he's black, vote for him!
Posted Friday, February 24, at 1:54 AM

I just read something today that I'm a little PO'ed about! But first, let me give you a little background. I'm just an ordinary guy, living in an ordinary house in an ordinary town. I'm not prejudice and I don't discriminate. But,...

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Face to Face
Posted Thursday, February 16, at 2:20 PM

This isn't directed towards any person or people on this blog. This is to let people know where I stand since I am new to this blog and blogs in general. I am a Republican and I see a lot wrong with this country. Some of you may have stopped reading right there. ...

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Originally from Kentucky. 38 yrs. old Air Force spouse.
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