The Heat In The Kitchen

Posted Sunday, April 15, 2012, at 12:56 AM
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    Your so right Mike, thats one of the reason my last blog is so wide open so people can say what they want within the guide lines of the MHN and not get deleted. Also so many have came from Ca. to Idaho to get rid of that type of living and they not here long and they want to change Id to be like Ca., if thats what they want go back to Ca and quit trying to change Id. Everyone's opinion is not going to agree, if it did that only says we can't think for ourselves. Some just don't understand we all say its our blog, but case in point is we only write them and once posted they become the property of the MHN and like you said if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. I am also a transplant but from Pa. and I didn't bring their way of life with me to change here.

    -- Posted by Eagle_eye on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 5:48 AM
  • Mike and Joe. The blog everybody is so upset about me taking out of circulation is back. Not because of any pressure from any of you, but because things seemed to have calmed down regarding the subject matter. I have not edited it. I never deleted it, as I have been accused of. I simple hid it. Now go back and start reading the comments. It got ugly and off track almost from jump street. Was I naive to think that some of the regulars here on these blogs could act with at least some degree of respect towards the situation? Guilty as charged. Did I censor anything? Nope, of that charge I am innocent.

    Now to both of you. In my opinion, and yes I am entitled to one, if you start a blog and it turns ugly, with name calling, insults, personal attacks, etc. and you choose to let it continue, you are as guilty as those that engage in that behavior. I don't look at this opinion as liberal or conservative. I see it as having a sense of decency. Mike has written blogs about this behavior. Some people listen, some don't.

    There is a reason for the hide button.

    The blog should reappear about 7:12 AM

    -- Posted by royincaldwell on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 7:10 AM
  • Buckshot, Lamont has an agenda for sure. And he really does not even "tolerate" Zook...he says racist things about anyone who is not of the same skin tone. Not even worth debating him. Complete waste of time and energy.

    -- Posted by OpinionMissy on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 9:37 AM
  • FUNNY THING HERE........I HAVNT ATTACKED ANYONE RACIALLY......I DONT TOLERATE ANYONE.... ZOOK AND I DEBATE BECAUSE WE DONT I REPEAT DONT ATTACK EACH OTHER.HE will listen and try to put himself in my shoes we dont dismiss each other out of hand.......

    .....SO OM what racist thing did I say to you?????? I will say you dont understand what I say because what happens to me doesnt happen to you.YOU seem to want to dismiss that and say dont talk about it and it will go away.I THINK YOUR COMMENT ABOUT SKIN TONE IS HILARIOUS,AND SO DOES MY BLUE EYED WIFE.THE RAINBOW COALITION WE CALL GRANDCHILDREN WOULD CERTAINLY FIND IT FUNNY.3 OUT OF 5 OF OUR CHILDREN ARE INTERACIALLY MARRIED HOW FUNNY....I told you before you dont know anything about me. If you feel I should be comfortable with everything You say your wrong.I feel you would rather blame me for discrimination than look at the discriminater.You being jewish say you understand but I dont feel you do.I WILL SAY IT AGAIN....THE ONLY WAY SOMEONE KNOWS YOUR JEWISH IS IF YOU TELL THEM,I CANT BLEACH MYSELF.IT is well documented the things that happen to me,and they are survival things that you seem to consider to Be ok,housing loans,education applications,job interviews,promotions,law enforcement,membership applications,housing rental,service I could go on. That is not yesterday that is today.I have never said everyone is that way but there are people out there today DISCRIMINATING AND they make peoples lives harder and miserable and in some cases cost them dearly.If you want to ignore, that is your business I will not.It has NOT gone away.

    BUCHSHOT....FLAGRANT INSULTING REMARKS.....IF not considering a blantant racial asault a PRANK is racist so be it.I did not attack you until you got personal you do that and NO I will not tolerate it.I dont know anyone who likes being called a NAME or two and then talked to OR ABOUT like they are some kind of less than do you??? I dont agree with the right is the only ones who know how to govern and for that I should be name called??? I dont care what others do ie ...the media I didnt do it.......I dont like people telling me what I am going to say or what I feel.I WAS ACCUSED OF BRINGING RACE INTO THE MARTIN CASE WHEN I SPECIFFICALLY STATED IT MIGHT BE A PLAYER BUT IT WAS NOT THE ISSUE.EVERYBODY HEARD THAT BUT YOU,OM AND SW HOW COME ???? So I took that as you just wanted to fight and I tried to avoid it but you wouldnt.I RESPECT ZOOKS OPINIONS ,I DONT GO ALONG WITH MOST BUT SOME I DO AND HE LIKEWISE, I LIKE TO CALL IT MUTUAL RESPECT.YOU dont know anything about our relationship but you got your nose in why??? SOMETHING about the relationship bother you???? OR DO YOU FEEL THAT BECAUSE HE IS A CONSERVATIVE HE SHOULD NOT TALK TO SOMEONE YOU CONSIDER LIBERAL???? Why do you feel you make the rules??? it's like he is not one of us why are you talking to him????? SEEMS I HAVE HEARD THAT BEFORE........DOESNT CHANGE DOES IT.???? I DEEPLY RESENT....BEING CLASSIFIED THE ENEMY.....I AM AND AMERICAN CITIZEN WHO PUT HIS LIFE ON THE LINE FOR 28YRS...IN THE SERVICE OF HIS COUNTRY..I WAS CALLED THE ENEMY DURING NAMM AND TO HAVE IT DONE TO ME AGAIN......SETS ME ON FIRE....IT IS CALLED A BRIDGE TO the way that is what Jermiah Wright is saying also....highly decorated COMBAT MEDIC 3RD MARINE DIV.

    KT is pretty strong right wing in my opinion and he doesnt come off insulting like you do to get his point across.And we have locked up a couple of times.WHY ???? WE DONT MAKE IT PERSONAL.


    -- Posted by lamont on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 12:25 PM
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    Roy you missed the whole point about what you did when deleting comments and then hidding a blog and bringing them back. You seems to think your blog entries are yours only to stop people from commenting or their freedom of speech. If thats what you want to do then get your own blog from another source when you do have complete control and decide who comments and who can't. Bondy has his own and he can keep comments from being posted or tell them what to do with their comments which he has done. If you don't know how to do it ask him, he has commented on the blogs.

    -- Posted by Eagle_eye on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 4:17 PM
  • But, Eagle-Eye, Roy says he only deletes blogs or comments when they stray off- topic or posters start with what he considers insults to other posters. Funny, I always thought that blog topics will go where people want them to go and that's the way it should be; and that it was Ms. Fincher's job to remove what she thinks are insults that cross the line. But you know how libs are, they always want to control things.

    -- Posted by Second Wind on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 4:38 PM

    -- Posted by lamont on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 5:13 PM
  • Lamont: Why is that racist Wright so important to you? This is the 3rd or 4th time you have brought his racist name up in your posts. Is there something about a racist like him you like promoting? Or is his agenda one you like, or his racist words. Look up his racist remarks if you don't know about it.

    -- Posted by skeeter on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 6:32 PM
  • I choose not to engage Lamont. There is no point. None of us understand what has been done to him. Poor beaten down Lamont. People only know I am Jewish...if I tell them. BALONEY. He likes to be the victim and he plays the role very well.

    Wrestle with are going to get dirty. Buckshot, you are dead on. Mike, you as well. To each their own. Opinions are like...everyone has one.

    -- Posted by OpinionMissy on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 8:28 PM
  • SKEETER......WRIGHT IS DENERGRATED WITHOUT ANYONE EVER ASKING WHY DOES HE FEEL THAT WAY ?.....I PERSONALLY HAVE NOT SPOKEN TO REV WRIGHT.......I do have some idea after almost 4.5 yrs in SEA how he might feel about going to war, comming home and being spit on and at because 1-YOUR A SOLDIER 2- BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK SOLDIER.....You are awarded a SILVER STAR FOR VALOR...but you cant get a job.Id rather be a grunt than a COMBAT MEDIC you live longer.I know the man is bitter,I know he finds no solace from a country that told him one thing but did /does another.The systemic discrimination probogated on my generation and those before us is not something that most want to acknowledge, because we were trying to fix it we still are.MY guess would be he pulled a lot of white marines out of the.... saved a lot of lives and when he got back here he was treated as if he wasnt sopposed to be at the same table eating with them.( which still goes on)I wonder how you would feel??????? THAT IS MY GUESS......KINDA LIKE THE GUY WHO TELLS YOU HE HATES BLACKS BECAUSE.HE HAD A FIGHT WITH ONE AND LOST.....Dont get me wrong I DONT like what REV Wright says..I DO understand why.He cant get past his own rehetoric but for him there is a lot of truth to it.HE wore the uniform 6yrs during the worst time in the NAMM.I dont CONDONE what he says it is counter productive,I do understand why?? HE PAID TO SAY WHAT HE WANTS...THAT IS MORE THAN I CAN SAY FOR SOME.....I DONT LIKE STEREOTYPING AND HE DOES THAT WELL,HIS RACIST RANTS ARE DEMEANING AND IF I HAD MY WAY I WOULD SHUT HIM DOWN.LIKE MR DUKE HE IS PART OF AMERICA'S CONSCIENCE ......TO BAD WE HAVE THOSE MEMORY'S......I HOPE THAT CLEARS THE AIR.

    -- Posted by lamont on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 9:26 PM
  • The anonymity acts as a shield for some. Most would not be so upfront or candid if the conversation was in person.

    -- Posted by twilcox1978 on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 9:49 PM
  • BUCHSHOT.....IF you ck I have not cared what you said about the president and you have been very demeaning.What I percieve you want is the same kind of demeaning rehtoric from me when I critercise aint going to happen.I didnt do it to president BUSH AND wont do it now.LIFE when you speak of that remember you dont get discriminated against daily everyday of your life. So dont talk about what matters it happens to shorten most minority;s lives and that is well documented.The thing is it should not be happening.YOUR TIRED OF MY THIN SKIN WITH CONSERVATIVES... HOW ABOUT I AM TIRED OF CONSERVATIVES WHO TALK TO PEOPLE THEY DEEM LIBERAL LIKE YOU DO.


    -- Posted by lamont on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 9:56 PM
  • Zook I guess your comment went over a couple heads. Go Figure! They live on the other side of the moon with Good ole Newt.

    Thanks for giving it a try...

    -- Posted by MsMarylin on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 10:53 PM
  • BUCKSHOT.....I dont care wether you believe I get discriminated against daily it doesnt happen to you,Maybe if it did you woukd get it.SEEMS to me KT mentioned he lived in the projects of st lou.maybe you ought to ask him what is was like being a white kid in that enviroment.

    I dont bring in race all the time that is what YOU would like to think,CASE IN POINT MARTIN but I got accused.I am black and I come from a black perspective wether you like it or not .The only people who seem to have a problem with race are RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVES why is that???? THINK it will die if you dont say anything??WHAT ABOUT THE INDIGNATIES HEAPED ON PEOPLE IS THAT OK??

    ONE act of discrimination cost me approx 500,000.00 dollars so please do not try to tell me what happens and it's significance.

    DONT tell me what to ponder,take your own advice,you just did it again telling me something and then telling you wont as USUAL..Who are you talking to? I am not your child.THE ONLY ISSUE I HAVE IS WITH PEOPLE WHO WANT TO DENY OTHERS THERE REALITY.

    YOU only seem to have issues with people who are not saying what you want to hear...ME,ROY,MS M.BONDY AND YOU TALK TO US LIKE WE ARE SOME KINDA TRASH WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO DO THAT???? That's my issue.

    ZOOK....I COME FROM THE SAME PLACE YOU DO IN REFERENCE TO THE COUNTRY, I DONT CARE THAT PEOPLE DONT LIKE REV WRIGHT.I WOULD SHUT HIM DOWN IN A N.Y. MINUTE BUT I DO UNDERSTAND WHY HE FEELS THAT WAY AND SOMETIMES IT IS HARD NOT TO.SOME people right here in our town make me feel that way sometimes,believe me.Thank GOD for the right minded ones they keep the beacon of hope alive we shall get there one way or the other..

    I think it is all kinda funny nobody got mad about the things Wright was saying until it started happening to THEM,money,security,civil rights( THE PATRIOT ACT)cant get credit,cant buy homes,being asked question that you wonder why they are being asked.....YOU KNOW YOU JUST WENT THROUGH A REFI.....some of those questions were not there before and they are personal.


    -- Posted by lamont on Mon, Apr 16, 2012, at 10:21 AM
  • Well said Mike!

    -- Posted by royincaldwell on Mon, Apr 16, 2012, at 3:41 PM
  • ZOOK ......I AGREE when I talk about something it is for 90% TODAY I CANT FIX fight is with the continuance.If and example of yesterday to validate today bothers somone they need to ck the context.I will NOT tolerate the continuance.....I grew up in the same kinda place you did, really didnt get way layed until I was wearing a uniform.....aint that a darn shame.ANYHOW....I AM ABOUT TODAY.

    UNFAIR ATTACK......BOY DO I KNOW THAT FEELING...YOUR TAGGED BECAUSE YOU REPRESENT SOMETHING....DOESNT FEEL GOOD DOES IT????? it just played a part in costing MARTIN his life.That is the kinda thing that frost my butt.TO deny that, is to turn a blind eye as to what could happen to any of us based on some persons perception.No difference than assuming you know what I am going to say ,it is the same.I know first hand what has been attempted to be fixed I WAS PART OF IT.That feeling you got while in europe,that is real all over the continent, boy did it make me mad.IF I hadnt had 16yrs AND JUST REENLISTED when I got my assignment to germany I would have got out,no need to be there,they used us for our money and still opinion.

    HAD to laugh about the ducking.....I still wont sit with my back to the door and I wont go into a place and stay unless I know were all the exits are.....Those are life savors you dont forget easily,once discriminated against you dont forget either there one in the same.

    Well I dont know what your doing but I am booking gigs AND IT'S GETTING TO BE WORK !!!!! Thinking about going over to Idaho Falls. Nice town, a well kept secret. HAVE A GOOD ONE

    -- Posted by lamont on Mon, Apr 16, 2012, at 4:06 PM
  • Mike, I don't begrudge you for carrying, my neighbor on the other hand. Booze and Guns = Disaster.

    -- Posted by royincaldwell on Mon, Apr 16, 2012, at 7:39 PM

    -- Posted by lamont on Mon, Apr 16, 2012, at 8:14 PM
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