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Friday, January 20, 2017

Mother’s Day

Posted Sunday, May 13, 2012, at 9:47 PM


I come back to these blogs, start to read, but this is what I'd rather look at.  Mother's Day at our house, is always fun ..heck, any day at our house is always fun.... LOL. 

What I know is, that when good people come together, to enjoy one another's company, THAT is what's important.  It's a fact, yesterday, today and tomorrow...and all days....

Below is my son (in green) who came home for Mother's Day from college.  THAT is a Mother's Day present if I ever saw one.  He leaves tomorrow, as he got a job where he was....darnit.  His girl friend Erica, is next to him.  Maggie is my sister's Daughter.  She is little Autumn's (red headed ginger) Mom.  And her husband next to her.  Good times here.

Mother's Day 001

Here are Bryce and Autumn playing in the "jungle" 

Mother's Day 010

My sister Ardie,  and her husband.  Mom got her a rooster..... on a bicycle.... cute!  I will show you my gift later!

Mother's Day 015

Jilly, Someone you might know, Jess and Evan with Bryce

(Evan taking a photo of me taking a photo of him)

Mother's Day 025

We like to torment kids a bit ya know, but they love it

Mother's Day 030Mother's Day 033

Then of course, there has to be horse play

Mother's Day 036Mother's Day 042

Bryce has a fascination for the water.... I agree, it's just cool.  One of my earliest memories, was pumping water from those old hand pumps. 

Mother's Day 048Mother's Day 050

Jilly is getting ready to do some "jumping" and I'm talking with her about it.  I'm wearing my Mother's Day gift from my Mom..... a sexy apron, that says "Cooking Diva"  I love to cook.... and I always wear an apron.... and apparently mine is ho hum, and has gotten pretty icky.... LOL.... so now I have this !  I was wearing a sundress anyway, and if I'm in the field, I wear boots.... cute huh????

Mother's Day 067

Jump #1.  I'm happy with that one.  It's ok.

Mother's Day 081Mother's Day 098

THIS is an awesome jump.  She has given him his head.  Reins are loose.  She's UP and over his neck, and her feet are supporting her.  She's 7, I'm proud!

Mother's Day 112

Here is the "come down"  her feet are supporting, hands on his neck, so she doesn't jerk his mouth (we work hard at that) and she's "looking ahead, where she wants to go"  Yep, I'm proud of her!

Mother's Day 113

Marshmallow is wondering why she isn't being ridden.  soooooo

Mother's Day 128

So, Bryce decides to ride.  He really hasn't been riding 'alone', but today, for Mother's day, he goes and does it.  He is riding his Daddy's saddle.  I bought that saddle about 26 years ago.... that is one of those good purchases.  Bryce says "Bye!  I have to go 'round' up some cows like Grandpa"  and he rides into the sunset

Mother's Day 146BMother's Day 152

Practicing his spins.  Maybe we have a reiner up and coming!

Mother's Day 164Mother's Day 166


I hope all of your Mothers' Days were as good.

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Didn't have the big get-together that you had. but relaxed most of the day.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Mon, May 14, 2012, at 7:48 AM

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