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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Pick your battles

Posted Friday, April 20, 2012, at 11:29 AM

Some evenings when I manage to take the time to read these blogs, I am amused, aggravated, frustrated....and more.  All to different degrees.  Some times I think "Do you have any idea how uneducated that comment looks?"  "..... how ridiculous that sounds?"  "...... how wrong you are?" I put my cursor in the comment box to make wonderfully profound statements, that to me, are going to make such sense, I could solve the World's problems.  I start to type, and hesitate, backspace...type, backspace.  And then, I just decide, if they don't see sense now, no matter their age, or how they were raised, they aren't going to listen to me.  And that's been shown from time to time.  Basically, I decide "Jessie, pick your battles"  My battle, is to have my life, and help to teach kids that this IS a great Country to live in.  We have freedoms.  We have diversity.  The old values, are still of ultimate valuePatriotism isn't just OK, it's necessaryFaith is how you live, live it.  You are nothing if not Loyal.  Think quickly, speak slowly, mean what you say, say what you mean.  Expect and accept consequences for what you do.  Love Freely and Generously

My blog is about sharing the beauty.  Beauty of Life, Mountain Home, Idaho, America.....and well, just what I think is beautiful.  There is a reason I chose the name, and the topic.  While some want to bicker and 'be right'   I hope I can remind us all, that we are here, and should fight for these rights, lives, and the lives of our up and coming future. 

With that thought in mind......

I spend as much time as I can behind a camera.  The images I capture are often timeless.  These same things were happening hundreds of years ago...and will hopefully be for hundreds more to come. 

This is last Saturday, we've saddled up, and are both  heading over to start shooting.  Wayne, with his rope, me with my camera.  These first shots were taken by a friend.  She is a young wife of a local rancher, raising little children in this lifestyle.  These photos show how I get some of my upclose shots.  Many of the shots would be impossible, if I was on the 'other side of the fence'  but, horseback, I'm safe enough to be in the midst of the meelee.... and it's tons more fun!


It just makes it so much easier to be right out there, when I'm horseback.  I can move quicker and be out of the way, when needed.



Beamer provides a resting post from time to time.



The rest of these are my photos.We are getting ready to start, just gathering together, chatting and catching up. 

Mink Branding 004Mink Branding 009

These kids will grow up knowing the value of really hard work, and really fun fun.  And be able to appreciate both as necessary.

Mink Branding 011

Here, Wayne is giving a toddler a ride.  She also will know hard work and great fun. 

Mink Branding 014

The newborn is less than a month old.  She'll grow up knowing her family works hard, and appreciates friends who come to help and play.

Mink Branding 016Mink Branding 021Mink Branding 043

Marshmallow has found herself another Palomino friend!

Mink Branding 048Mink Branding 055Mink Branding 058Mink Branding 063


Let the branding/roping begin!

Mink Branding 074Mink Branding 078

Father and Son

Mink Branding 094Mink Branding 100Mink Branding 122

Watching these first two guys rope together is an amazing site to see.  Slow and precise, with as least amount of stress to the stock as possible.  I love watching, and it was cool they were both on Palominos for my photos.

Mink Branding 216Mink Branding 236Mink Branding 489

Pretty loops are thrown

Mink Branding 459Mink Branding 297

Then we break for lunch.  One of the most amazing things about these events, where people come together to help one another, is the FOOD.  It's just about always home cooked, and DELICIOUS!  Talk Tailgating!

Mink Branding 596

Horse enjoy their break too

Mink Branding 603

Kids have a job also.  This little guy is in charge of making sure everyone has a plate.  He takes it seriously, and it makes him feel important.  He'll always remember this.

Mink Branding 607Mink Branding 610

More visiting and happy times.  Times like this, it seems like there are no problems in the world.  Just beautiful skies, landscapes and the life we love

Mink Branding 613Mink Branding 621

They could be home playing video games, or plugged into a TV.  What do you suppose they'll remember in their later years?  I think they will look back and remember that Mom and Dad took them with them, even though it might have been 'easier' not to.  We have to work as a group to be vigilant and make sure their safety is always first and foremost.  We want them to have long and successful lives and be able to remember that we all loved them.

Mink Branding 633

Back to work.  I realize that some of this might seem cruel, and offend you.  I have to say, well, it's our life, and our LIVING.  Ever had a burger?

Mink Branding 674Mink Branding 681Mink Branding 686Mink Branding 740

This gal is one reason I prefer to be horseback!

Mink Branding 772

We even have some acrobatics!  He's picking a rope off of the ground. 

Mink Branding 868Mink Branding 909


Mink Branding 927Mink Branding 953

This is quite a trick!  Going directly from one horse to another! 

Mink Branding 958

After Marshamallow works the morning, I get to use her as my seat in the afternoon.

Mink Branding 960Mink Branding 973

Jeff has changed horses too.  I'm excited to see that they are both on Bay/Bald face horses.  A matching team!  If you ever are invited to go to one of these, whether to help on the ground, or just to watch, you really ought to go.  There is a real art to all of this, the entire process.  Not to mention FUN!

Mink Branding 1050Mink Branding 1167Mink Branding 1282Mink Branding 1354Mink Branding 1403Mink Branding 1473Mink Branding 1484

Nice and Quiet.  Horse's head down and relaxed, ears forward, not going fast, calf is caught, but just trotting along, not being dragged.  This is how they try to make each shot, if possible. 

Mink Branding 1487

All the while, the children are a priority.  She got one inside her coat too.  THAT is a Mom thru and thru.

Mink Branding 1622Mink Branding 1633


So, I picked my battle.  Engaging in something I love, rather than something I don't..... it's the right choice for me, though I slip once in awhile.  This is the life I prefer to be immersed in.


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Thx Bonnie, I see you get my point

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Sat, Apr 21, 2012, at 9:53 AM

I started to reply to this earlier but couldn't get in on the computer that I was at.

Thank you Jessie for reminding us of the beauty of our world.

It may not seem like it, but God is in Control. I too have been reacting to what I have been reading and quite frankly , I am hoping that my memories will come to the forefront and leave all this other stuff behind.

Pushing boulders up the hill is hard work and guess what? There is God standing behind you, waiting for you to Allow Him to roll that boulder up the hill without any effort at all.

Life is certainly too short to anticipate the worst that can happen while the beautiful things escape your notice.

Thank you again for the beautiful pics.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Sat, Apr 21, 2012, at 12:03 AM

It is! Don't have "this goal" in mind remember, have a smaller goal. Little steps. Just maybe come watch!

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Fri, Apr 20, 2012, at 2:31 PM

Hopefully, one day, I will be able to get myself and my horse good enough to come out and do something like that. Looks pretty cool.

-- Posted by KentuckyTransplant on Fri, Apr 20, 2012, at 2:23 PM

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