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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Legacy of Legends Day 2

Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2012, at 2:01 PM

Reata's 2nd day with her colt.  It's amazing how this colt is not broke huh?  And yet, she's going to ride him, and get so much more done this, his 2nd day, than many do in years.  Literally. 

Legacy of Legends Day 2 065

Lots of trust being built here.  That rope is around the hind quarters, and he's looking to her for reassurance.  And she's giving it.  I've said so many times, that I have often equated child raising and horse relationships similarly.  Be there for them, and they will be there for you.  This colt does NOT like that rope around him, but again, these are great things to learn.  Imagine being out in the desert, or where ever, and getting caught up in barbed wire.  If your horse doesn't trust you, and has never experienced uncertainty, truly bad things can happen.  I've been there, and been thankful to have a horse with a clear enough head to not cut the legs right off, ... hardly came out with a scratch.

Legacy of Legends Day 2 080

Here, she is putting the lead rope in Reuben's mouth.

(After this clinic, she bought him, and that's his name)

from left to right

Zach Zumestein, auctioneer, Mary Catherine Brannaman, bidding on said horse, Reata beaming at Mom, cuz us girls always want another horse,  Buck, not going to say what he's probably thinking

Legacy of Legends Day 2 906Legacy of Legends Day 2 916Legacy of Legends Day 2 921Legacy of Legends Day 2 925

He's going to have a bit, so, why put a hard metal object in right off?  How about a nice soft cotton rope, to start with?

Legacy of Legends Day 2 136

So, now he has a gentle snaffle bit in.  And she's giving him some gentle lessons on 'giving to the bit'  He doesn't know, but he can learn it quickly, if it's not rammed down his throat the first time.

Legacy of Legends Day 2 149

She moves the stirrup around with her hand.  It's gonna move later, so why not feel it now, and not be frightened?  Patting him all over his butt, so later, when she casually reaches back to pat him, he doesn't freak and toss her off.

Legacy of Legends Day 2 174Legacy of Legends Day 2 179Legacy of Legends Day 2 195

Remember, this is the first time with a bit, so she's just letting him 'carry' it, and note the loose flopping reins?  She is letting him learn to "move out"  So many people take the movement out of a horse, without meaning to, but this is so much easier on them.  It takes lots of confidence in your ability, and Reata has that.

Legacy of Legends Day 2 261

I never said they don't buck!  He is a colt, afterall, and he's learning.  But, another sign of confidence in Reata is she just leans forward and pets him, saying "It's OK"

Legacy of Legends Day 2 307Legacy of Legends Day 2 325Legacy of Legends Day 2 347

Does he look broke yet?

Legacy of Legends Day 2 357

I don't know Peter & Megan Campbell, so I'm not going to put words into their mouths, but here is her 2nd day, with her colt.

Legacy of Legends Day 2 362Legacy of Legends Day 2 394Legacy of Legends Day 2 405Legacy of Legends Day 2 418Legacy of Legends Day 2 424Legacy of Legends Day 2 430Legacy of Legends Day 2 434Legacy of Legends Day 2 454

And Wade and Martin Blacks 2nd Day

Legacy of Legends Day 2 463

you'll see lots of similarities in each of the 3 demonstrations. 

Legacy of Legends Day 2 470Legacy of Legends Day 2 478Legacy of Legends Day 2 482Legacy of Legends Day 2 505

One thing that you see with all 3, is that they give the reassurance.  And the horse knows it.

Legacy of Legends Day 2 517Legacy of Legends Day 2 533Legacy of Legends Day 2 549

This horse that Buck is working with, is the horse that the young girl jumps.  Obviously he jumps WONDERFULLY.  Somewhere along the line (years ago), he became out of control dangerously scared of ribbons.  You know, when a horse wins a ribbon, it's cool to hook it on the bridle.  BUT something happened sometime, that this horse couldn't tolerate that.  AND it was never dealt with.  Buck detected it the first day, and dealt with it the 2nd day.  It was actually somewhat frightening how this was.  Buck began afoot, and went to his saddle horse, due to the danger.  That horse actually knocked him down, and wasn't going to see reason right away. 

See that horses eyes PINNED to the flag in Buck's hand?

Legacy of Legends Day 2 577

See the flag on the ground?  It is NOT at this time in Buck's hand, and the horse is veering away from it, towards Buck.  I'm sure you can tell, but that's a big horse too.  An analogy might be, if a teenager is allowed to have his way ...for whatever reason, it doesn't matter why he does a thing, if he does it and hurts someone.  Sorry won't help, if this horse was to kill someone. 

Legacy of Legends Day 2 583

In this photo, the grulla horse is going to attempt going UNDER Buck's horse.  It doesn't get it accomplished, but how would a human defend against that?  See Buck's horse bracing against it?  That is trust in Buck too.

Legacy of Legends Day 2 589

The sad thing is, is that this horse is terrified.  He needed help a long long time ago, before this fear became so consuming.  It is NOT his fault.  He was NOT born this way.  He was allowed to build on it, and it was easier to just ignore it and make sure no ribbon was ever around.  Life doesn't work that way, now does it?  Buck stuck with it, and made the 'wrong thing difficult ...and eventually, the right thing easy" 

Legacy of Legends Day 2 593

This was an extremely dangerous demonstration that we didn't plan on.  Avoiding ribbons isn't practical.  Plastic bags, and countless other things are out there.  Sadly, this horse no doubt goes back and winds up like before.  He wasn't cured.... he had only began "Detox"

You have to imagine that this is a somewhat good feeling though, doncha?  To realize that whatever he thought might happen, didn't?

Legacy of Legends Day 2 616

Then he goes and jumps beautifully.  Go figure.  Like an alcoholic hiding his disease.  Or a charming teenager hiding his rage.  Again, not their fault.

Legacy of Legends Day 2 644

Just so you know, these are TWO different horses.  Check the markings.  They are different.

Legacy of Legends Day 2 656Legacy of Legends Day 2 667

I'm not afraid to say, that Buck's Jump style is not as polished as this young girls....but, that's OK!

Legacy of Legends Day 2 691Legacy of Legends Day 2 694

Here is our Boy Jaton!  He trains and shows Cutting horses.  It takes kind of a special horse that wants to 'watch a cow', and Jaton is great at helping them build their skills.  See that horse, with his eye on the cow?

Legacy of Legends Day 2 717

I'm not saying a lot about these photos, cuz I'm not about to pretend I know all about this.  I just know a good photo! 

Legacy of Legends Day 2 719Legacy of Legends Day 2 729

Coming in, is Kalon, Jaton's brother.  They did a bit of a demonstration together.  Two of Ray Hunt's grandsons, both from Mountain Home.  How cool is that? 


Legacy of Legends Day 2 775

I hope you aren't against roping.  We love to rope.  If you don't, click the back button now.  This is a bit of a Ranch Roping Demonstration to end the Day. 

There aren't many who can come close to roping like Martin does.  And if you say you can, I don't likely believe you.  I've seen some of the Fanciest Loops go Sailing....

Legacy of Legends Day 2 803

I didn't get any fancy loops shots of Martin at this, but I did show some last year, from when we were at the Alvord

Legacy of Legends Day 2 807

I also didn't get great shots by Buck, but.... you can bet him and Martin both can do it. 

Legacy of Legends Day 2 828

Reata, heeling

Legacy of Legends Day 2 879Legacy of Legends Day 2 895


I hope you enjoyed!

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Johnny Hawke always knew which way the cow was going to go. He would take off after it regardless of the skill level of the rider.

I loved him so. He was a good horse and the only one that I ever trusted.

Thank you Jessie

-- Posted by KH Gal on Tue, Feb 28, 2012, at 2:06 PM

As always, Welcome Bonnie, You are a Gem

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Tue, Feb 28, 2012, at 2:07 PM

Sometimes I'll read over a blog really quick or maybe just skim through parts of it. Not yours! I find myself studying every sentence of it and every picture. Man, I love me some horses!

I ride bareback and only with a halter and lead rope. What are your feelings on that? The only reason I do it is because we were so poor when I was little, that we couldn't afford tack and I've gotten really used to riding that way.

Do you think this is teaching my horse bad behavior, bad habits? He is a tad spooky, like I said (use to be real bad. did ground work for it for about 6 months) but, I have always been able to gather him up when he tries to bolt and he's never bucked.

Are horses 'controled' by a halter and lead rope as well as they would be a bridle and bit?

Thanks for your input, and great blog!

-- Posted by KentuckyTransplant on Tue, Feb 28, 2012, at 2:38 PM

You betcha, horses can do great in a halter and bareback. I myself didn't have a saddle til I was about 25. Didn't miss it. Then when older and got a bit more high strung horses, I thought.."hmmmmmmmmmm saddles? yeah, they might be good!" LOL

I have different views on lots of things than some ... I have what you might call "Bridle horses" but I ride mostly in snaffle bits. Some say I don't have the 'best control', but I respectfully disagree. I have great control, and I prfer to do it that way, than add 'leverage' and chains, wires, etc. That's not control, that's intimidation, KUDOS to you!

Over the years I've accumulated soooo much tack, but I know it's not something you HAVE to have.

I'm glad you enjoy my blogs.... Makes me feel good!

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Tue, Feb 28, 2012, at 2:53 PM

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