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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Previously Unseen

Posted Monday, February 27, 2012, at 1:45 PM

Here is an example of a horse that is very much 'ridden' but missed parts of some good training.  This is a very winning horse, but he does NOT like to be touched by what he considers unusual things.  Do you want to be riding him when something unexpected happens?  I don't!

Legacy of Legends Big Lens 545

Buck hasn't met this horse before, so smartly, he kind of 'goes thru some steps' before he blindly gets on. 

Legacy of Legends Big Lens 561Legacy of Legends Big Lens 571

Switched to an English Saddle.  Also, below is a superb young rider.  I'm not sure of her age, but not 20.  She was amazing to watch!  I love seeing this type of dedication, whether it is to horses/training, or whatever a person believes in.  It's sadly lacking in many young these days. 

Legacy of Legends Big Lens 637Legacy of Legends Big Lens 650

Let the jumping begin!

Legacy of Legends Big Lens 681Legacy of Legends Big Lens 717

Pretty spectacular, is it not?  Do you suppose there is any type of confidence here?

Legacy of Legends Big Lens 721Legacy of Legends Big Lens 724

Remember, Buck just met this horse.  This takes confidence in one's own ability.  Lots of people say horseback riding isn't exercise.  Tell me about it, if you please.

Legacy of Legends Big Lens 727Legacy of Legends Big Lens 733Legacy of Legends Big Lens 735Legacy of Legends Big Lens 741Legacy of Legends Big Lens 745Legacy of Legends Big Lens 756Legacy of Legends Big Lens 783Legacy of Legends Big Lens 787Legacy of Legends Big Lens 795

Alas, we all get a refusal now and then, .... what's impressive about this is that ... this girl maintains her seat easily.  They are going at a fair rate of speed, and the girl is 'sitting the jump', when the horse decides NOT to jump.  She has to change what she's doing instantly and change her seat... all in a little tiny English saddle.  Yay!

Legacy of Legends Big Lens 798

No fear, she just goes 'round again

Legacy of Legends Big Lens 803

I took some video of Betty Staley, so I don't have that many photos.  I kind of wish I did, so that I could share more.  But she is superb!  I could watch her all day, and hardly know a moment passed.  She is talking the entire time, with a wonderful to listen voice.  What's partially impressive about that, is that she does talk the entire time.  While she's doing maneuvers, and all kinds of things.  Many people get very out of breath, ...but not Betty.  She obviously does a lot of this, and is very comfortable.  Something to note here, is that she is a TINY lady.  I bet not 100#.  And those horses are every bit as big as my tall guy.  So, you know she is not muscling them around.  She has also found the better way...and she credits Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance and Buck Brannaman with the levels she has brought her horses to.  I hope and pray, to somehow get her to come here and share with us!

If you're interested in horses, English or Western or both, you HAVE to go to    You won't be sorry

Legacy of Legends Big Lens 843Legacy of Legends Big Lens 855Legacy of Legends Big Lens 862Legacy of Legends Big Lens 868Legacy of Legends Big Lens 873


Jaton Lord, or "Lord Jaton" as we sometimes call him, is from Mountain Home Idaho.  He is Ray Hunt's Grandson.  Along with being Ray's grandson, he is well on the way to becoming a name of his own.  He rides and trains for a ranch in Kansas, and some of his own horses, along with his Grandma Carolyn Hunt's horses. (The one we hauled to Vegas was one)

At this point, we've seen 3 horses started, a Jumping Demonstration, a Dressage Demonstration, and now Jaton is giving a Reining/Cutting Demonstration, using his own horses. 

Here is a colt doing a sliding stop.  Because of a 'better way of training' there is no superhuman strength pulling the horse to a stop.  See the loose reins?


Legacy of Legends Big Lens 880

Some spins.  See the reins?

Legacy of Legends Big Lens 932Legacy of Legends Big Lens 934

Jaton likes to show that the horses are gentle, and can be ridden by most anyone.  Juan Gonzales is another friend I met in Fort Worth a few years ago.  He traveled to Vegas from Dubai.  He is the "Head Vet" for the Sheik of Dubai, and used to be one of the vets of the Olympics Equestrian Events.  He didn't tell me that, but I found out.  He also has a pretty good record of his own eventing horseback.  He is bringing the "Hunt and Dorrance" methods to the equestrians in Dubai. 

Legacy of Legends Big Lens 999

I have to admit, that I don't know who this young man is, but again, he can ride, and Jaton's horse was a gentleman!

Legacy of Legends Big Lens 1007

Jaton was nervous about speaking to such a large crowd.  Here is taking Q&A's.  Once he got into the questions, he just felt right at home.  We are really proud of him!

Legacy of Legends Big Lens 1037


That was day 1 for the most part.  Hope to see any of you there next year!


Care to see any more?



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