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Monday, January 16, 2017


Posted Friday, January 27, 2012, at 1:59 PM

We are lucky enough to have some AWESOME working dogs. 

They're all black and white, 'except for Scout, who shows up later.

Below with LOTS of white is Macys.  She is named after the store Macys, well, because I like Macys!  She is a super sweet female who is pretty much just a pet.  Again, I say, she is super sweet, and loves everyone.  Puppies, other dogs, kids.... but not work.  I said we have some awesome working dogs.  She has done some awesome work, but she gets nervous, when I try to sound commanding.... and then I have to pretty much beg her not to just light out for home.  She's real good at walking behind my horse quietly.  I have found if I start to do something, she's kind of willing to help out.  I kept her from one litter, cuz she has blue eyes like mine and my horse.  So much for that reasoning!  She needs  a new home, if anyone is interested, but has to be a good one.

Giving protein, our dogs, our house 112

The pup's name is Andy.  Short for Anderson Bean.  Anderson Bean is a boot company that I like.  They're my dogs, I call 'em what I want!  Andy's mom is Penneys.  (yeah, after the store Penneys)  She is farthest to the left.  You know, the black and white dog!  sheesh! Macys is Andy's Aunt.  Penneys and Macys are related.... let me see if I can keep this straight.  Macys Mom Katie had a litter a couple years ago.  Those Babies Daddy is Penneys' Baby Daddy.  ? yeah, that's it.  Part of that litter was given to a friend of ours.  In payment a couple years later, he brought us Penneys.  I know, it's confusing. 

Giving protein, our dogs, our house 113

Remember Sam?  He went to Kindergarten and learned to play basketball with me at school for awhile.  He has become an absolutely awesome cow dog.  I'm sure his education served him well.  He is the one just peaking around the tree, with the red collar. (you know the black and white dog)   He is Andy's Dad.  Yeah, it's OK.  Trust me.  She is also his 1st get, and he's a bit fascinated by her.  There were 3 of the litter, but Andy is the only one we kept.  We kept her, because she shows potential to be fairly big like him, and already showed signs of wanting to "gather everything up" when she can.  She likes to 'run ahead' (which I could NEVER get Macys to do)

Look at the size of those paws on Andy!  She looks like a little bear cub!

Giving protein, our dogs, our house 124

For a Border Collie, Sam is huge.  And he's tough.  He loves his work, and thrives on it.  I love all that.  But what I love THE MOST is how sweet he is.  This might look a bit rough, but they are playing and they love one another.

Giving protein, our dogs, our house 172

Sam's mouth is what cows pay attention to.  It's just about always open and looks like an Alligator so they move when he asks.  He only bites when he needs, and usually doesn't need to.  He never bites the other dogs.  And he will come and wrap his arms around you, a kid...and stay and just love to be huggggged back.  He jumps on the trampoline with our grand kids (I'll have to get pics of that)  and they all love him.  He has learned to control his exuberance also.  He goes at mach 10 at all times, so he's taken out a kid or 2.  He's been taught that is not really that fun.

Giving protein, our dogs, our house 175Giving protein, our dogs, our house 178Giving protein, our dogs, our house 179Giving protein, our dogs, our house 182Giving protein, our dogs, our house 183Giving protein, our dogs, our house 197Giving protein, our dogs, our house 208


I love this series of photos.  It looks like Sam comes over to Andy and says, "Let's take a walk kid, I wanna talk to ya"

Giving protein, our dogs, our house 214

She loves anything to do with anything, so "Ok Daddy!"

Giving protein, our dogs, our house 217

She obviously adores him,.... and I love his smile

Giving protein, our dogs, our house 218

Looks like they had a good talk!

Giving protein, our dogs, our house 219

And then they are off to play!

Giving protein, our dogs, our house 228

Scout was getting jealous, so I let him in to play too.

Giving protein, our dogs, our house 232Giving protein, our dogs, our house 236

it's not long before the younger dogs are making Scout 'rethink' his thought that this would be fun.  They love messin' with the old guy.

Giving protein, our dogs, our house 253

Penneys  is going in for the kill of one of his legs.  And that's Katie, Sam's Mom laying to the right.  Her pups are always in demand, but she didn't have any this year.  She just hung out and worked. 

Giving protein, our dogs, our house 255

I giggle when I see this picture of Andy.  She looks like a Kangaroo...eh Mate?  Or maybe a Black Bear.

Giving protein, our dogs, our house 244

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Great Pictures Jessie. Love the last one.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Fri, Jan 27, 2012, at 3:06 PM

Sounds like a great little puppy. Wish I could afford the time and energy it would require to take it off your hands.

-- Posted by bondyweb on Mon, Jan 30, 2012, at 10:13 AM

I had never been a dog person until I had my first border collie. I have had cats my entire life. I was and still am amazed how smart and easy to train the border collies are. My Jhordyn was 16 when we lost her and she was amazing. She had a great life and I so appreciated the fact that she shared it with my family. She showed such interest while we were working the Black n~Tan Hound many years ago at the time that she had an almost 2 year stint with Elmore Search & Rescue. She was so smart and so quick to learn. She also had all the working dog instincts and never failed to "round up" a herd of boys when they were running thru my yard. To date we still have a border and Tipcee is something else. Got her from here in town as a companion to Jhordyn in her older years. Since I am older she does not get quite so many miles on her little legs and I don't seem to have the energy I used to but Jhordyn trained her well. Lol! I have such respect for the working dog breeds. This one is our child as we neglected to tell her she is a D.O.G.

I can't imagine my life without our critters!

Thanks for sharing your pictures.

-- Posted by Brenda Fincher Publisher MHNews on Mon, Jan 30, 2012, at 1:02 PM

Thanks Brenda! Yep, ours round up the kids whenever there is a group of them. Macys absolutely loves children, so I do hope we find a place for her, or we'll keep her

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Mon, Jan 30, 2012, at 8:34 PM

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