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Monday, January 16, 2017

Weeds? What Weeds?

Posted Tuesday, October 25, 2011, at 2:39 PM


I really meant to do more bloggin', but between work and play....


I've been photographing lots of stuff, and I should show in chronological order, but it's my blog, and this is today's pick!

As you know, I'm/We're home now.  We miss the coolness (not any more, it's plenty cool now) and the Peaceful atmosphere of Cascade.  But one thing I don't miss any more, is seeing our grandchildren so much more!  They can pop in any time and surprise us.  We've had BBQ's and weed burning parties galore.  Did I mention that my weeds had grown up over the top of my pick up?  I literally didn't think I'd be able to drive thru it.  Years ago, I had the place sterilized, because the weeds were overtaking me.  Eating me alive!  So, I had a guy come and spray where I didn't want weeds.  He was specific about making sure I really didn't want to grow stuff there, cuz "it won't grow" for years.  I loved that stuff.  I'd kind of forgotten about it, til Wayne wanted to grow a few gardeny things last year.  They started growing, then just kind of dried up and looked fried.  He asked me "Did you ever have this ground sterilized?"  hmmm.... well, now that ya mention it, "why yes, yes I did!"  ooooops.   He asked, "Well, how long does it last?"  uh.... "I dunno"  That guy told me,  along with making sure I'd never wanna grow anything back there.  I was all cocky saying "Ain't no way I'll ever want to grow stuff, I don't have time!"  who knew?????  I planned on being single, really I did.  I just couldn't remember how long it would last.  Guess exactly how long it lasted?????  If unlike me, you guessed "exactly this summer" you'd be right!  My ground is all kinds of fertile again, and I have weeds the like of which I have never seen before.  We were here on the 4th of July, but they weren't showing their ugly faces yet...or at least not being obnoxious about it.  But let me tell you, they had their ugly heads all reared up and taking over the place by September!  I am so not kidding when I say I wasn't sure where to pull my truck in, when I got home.  And I had to PUSH my door open to the truck to get out!  Now, those are weeds!

I give lessons there, again, now that I'm home, and it's embarrassing to have to pretty much swim thru to find  a horse or two.   Well, the kids and their parents have helped.  Marshmallow was the only horse I brought home, so she was working her way thru the weeds too, to do her share of weeding.  I have to give thanks to Jessica, Wendy, Evan, Jilly, Al, and Bryce for their share in helping me and Marshmallow to stay above ground.

Now tell me, those are some big tall weeds eh?  A Marshmallow could get lost in there I think!


Al giving Bryce a ride


Wendy cleaning up


One evening, Wendy, Jess and Evan went and brought hay for Marshmallow.  She likes it besides weeds


On another note:  One day, Wayne was pushing a group of about 600 yearling heifers along a road up in Cascade, when all the heifers stopped.  Then they kind of split and went around a teeeny little kitten, who's name was Lucky.  Well, Lucky wasn't really old enough to be weaned, and Wayne, being the tough guy that he is, stopped and got off his horse and carried Lucky the rest of the way horseback.  This was the day before I got up there for the weekend.  All Wayne had was canned milk.....


So, Lucky and I went off to the D9 in Cascade to find kitty food.  He/She almost didn't get busted, but was spied in my purse.  Though everyone fell in love with him.


We have dogs ya know, and this kitten wouldn't survive with them probably.  Trust me, I checked and had to make Sam give me back my cat!  So guess what?

I realized that kids love kittens....sooooo  an obvious solution was come to.  Lucky has now been named by Bryce.  His name now on is, Woody


Jess likes him, and he's darn happy to cuddle.


My son is trying to look all tough here, but Woody knows better.  And yes, if my son sees this, I'm gonna get "Mommmmm"  in that growly voice.  And I'll tell him, "I love you no matter how stern you try to be"


I'm sure my son is super happy I'm home! 

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Who can't love kittens? Of course when they get to be CATS, that can be different. Just look at who's talking, 4 cats 2 dogs 1 house FUR everywhere!

-- Posted by royincaldwell on Tue, Oct 25, 2011, at 3:02 PM

I just love that baby kitty. They are so much fun. Great Blog.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Tue, Oct 25, 2011, at 9:54 PM

I love animals, and cats too. But cats are incorrigible! I dont have indoor animals, so must be hardy enough to be outdoors.


-- Posted by jessiemiller on Tue, Oct 25, 2011, at 10:52 PM

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