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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Austin and Cash Visit

Posted Sunday, August 21, 2011, at 3:50 PM

My daughter, Katie presented me with my first Grandchild, Austin, and later with Cash.  Between Wayne and I, we have 8 wonderful grandchildren all together.  I was a bit surprised with the news that Austin was coming, but there is not a way in the world that I would ever go back to not being a Grandma.  I think it's possible that at times, my kids wish I was a bit more "Normal"  .... and not the one encouraging the kids to be so wild.  But, that isn't going to happen. 

I grew up spending a lot of time on My Aunt Gladys's ranch in Grandview, and those days/weeks/summers are memories I treasure to this day.  We worked hard then, and played even harder.  I had a lot of freedom then, as long as my chores were done well. 

More and more children these days don't have a clue where some of the "groceries" come from, let alone what work it took to get it there.  The ranch life is special, and in some ways, it's a dying art. 

I hope I don't portray that the kids only play here, or that I don't expect nearly perfect manners.  There is a limitless supply of work, and we make sure they do their own.  Manners is something I am relentless on.  Good behavior goes along with that.  Yes M'am, Please, Thank You, and adults are NOT to be called by their first name.  EVER.

I want these kids to be able to look back on these summers and tell their children about it, and hopefully want to give them the same experiences. 

My daughter, Katie

Evan, swimming etc 295

Austin, Cash, Bryce and Jilly

Evan, swimming etc 299Evan, swimming etc 308

This wagon sits not far from our house.... and the kids love to play on it.  Al is usually the first to do something...and the others follow suit. 

Evan, swimming etc 321Evan, swimming etc 355Evan, swimming etc 363Evan, swimming etc 372Evan, swimming etc 378Evan, swimming etc 382

Imagine just trying to get them all at the same time!

Evan, swimming etc 388Evan, swimming etc 389

Jillian and Cash in an old truck.  What better toy?

Evan, swimming etc 415Evan, swimming etc 353

This old Squeeze Chute isn't used any more, so it's perfect for them to play in.  It's of course Allisyn locking them in.

Evan, swimming etc 454

Jessica and Katie riding.  Al getting on.  I can't tell you how I love my daughters.

Evan, swimming etc 516

This picture..... Oh....I wish you could hear the squeals and woots!  Wayne has roped Jillian from across the fence..... Austin is helping keep the rope on her feet....Bryce is trying to save sister Jillian and he's pulling for all he's worth...on her Pony Tail!!!  Cash is at this time fairly innocent.  I'm taking pictures..... could have rescued her, but the opportunity to get this shot couldn't be wasted.

Evan, swimming etc 545Evan, swimming etc 660Evan, swimming etc 689Evan, swimming etc 731

Katie is galloping the horse.... and Al hasn't ridden double before.... again, I wish you could hear the squeals!

Evan, swimming etc 757

We load up in the truck to go the lake

Evan, swimming etc 776Evan, swimming etc 778

Naturally, if they find a rock, they have to jump!

Evan, swimming etc 839Evan, swimming etc 840Evan, swimming etc 842

Jess trying to dump Bryce out of his cloths, so he can swim

Evan, swimming etc 854

Is this NOT a summer memory to cherish?

Evan, swimming etc 874

August 1 535

Cash was not able to stay with us for long... (broken arm that happened somewhere else)

But Austin spent a lot of time with us...and was able to quite a bit of time with us....

August 1 538August 1 569August 1 578August 1 605August 1 617

I gave riding lessons to a few kids here this summer.  Austin isn't shy, so he invited one of them they are on top of the world

August 1 647

I can't wait for more good times!

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