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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bruneau Round up 2010

Posted Tuesday, November 23, 2010, at 2:25 PM

The Bruneau Round up is something I've looked forward for so many years.  For a small town, Bruneau truly does a wonderful job of putting on a local rodeo that lots of nonlocals come to.  This is actually one of the best 2 day rodeos I've been to.  Along with the rodeo, there are booths to visit and purchase handmade jewelry and equipment.  Along with some great food!  Not to mention the Bruneau Dance on Saturday night.  Kids are welcome every where and you're expected to bring them.  Kids are of course, part of the rodeo..... and it wouldn't be the same without them.  Here are a few highlights of the rodeo.  I hope you'll go and watch next year, if you didn't this year.

We always start with honoring The American Flag

Bruneau Round up 1434Bruneau Round up 1429  Bruneau Round up 1440

Elmore County Junior Princess

Bruneau Round up 1453

Mutton Bustin then kicks off the day.


Bruneau Round up 1278 Bruneau Round up 1280    

Dads help lots!

  Bruneau Round up 1302 Bruneau Round up 1303 Bruneau Round up 1307  Bruneau Round up 1318 

One of my Granddaughters

  Bruneau Round up 1324    Bruneau Round up 1333         Bruneau Round up 1363     Bruneau Round up 1372   

There are lots of fun and games

The cowboys ride the cow, have to remove the halter and the saddle (fastest done while riding) and carry the equipment back across the finish line. 

Bruneau Round up 895 Bruneau Round up 897

Below, Kalon Lord riding and undoing the halter.  (Kalon always wears a suit and top hat to entertain)

Bruneau Round up 905 Bruneau Round up 918 Bruneau Round up 1005

Team roping...often Grandpa & Grandson

Bruneau Round up 946 Bruneau Round up 966 Bruneau Round up 1082

Wild cow milking, below is Ty Riley & Partner

  Bruneau Round up 1544 Bruneau Round up 1558 Bruneau Round up 1614

I love the calf tying dismounts

Bruneau Round up 1670

Bronc Riding is always a thrill!

Bruneau Round up 1690 Bruneau Round up 1748 Bruneau Round up 1904 Bruneau Round up 1926 Bruneau Round up 2051 Bruneau Round up 2078 Bruneau Round up 2079

Clint Cameron

Bruneau Round up 2091

Looks like it could hurt huh? Usually not

Bruneau Round up 2135

NewtBruneau Round up 2140

There is never a need for more...there is always more!


Bruneau Round up 946 Bruneau Round up 1160 Bruneau Round up 1179 Bruneau Round up 1601 Bruneau Round up 1614

Next up will be the Junior Rodeo!

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Great pictures as always, always so clear and right in the action.

Bazooka if you have the pictures on the computer, just click on the browse when you make an entry, I am not sure if you can post as many like Jessie does that way but maybe she can add more to the way of posting pictures.

-- Posted by Eagle_eye on Wed, Nov 24, 2010, at 3:09 PM

If you download "Windows Live Writer" it will walk you thru the process of adding more pics....

Just in the blog itself, I don't think you can add more than about one picture.

And thanks for the comments on the pics! I love reading that someone reads my blogs. I got discouraged for awhile, but then I kept running into people and they'd say "Are you the Jessie Miller that does the picture blog?" So, I know people do read them, and enjoy, they just don't comment. So I will keep on!


-- Posted by jessiemiller on Wed, Nov 24, 2010, at 9:08 PM

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