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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Halloween, …then….. and now…

Posted Tuesday, November 23, 2010, at 9:25 AM

I'm really just a kid pretending to be an adult in real life.  I always loved Halloween, and I took it real serious.  I guess it was at least partially about the candy, but it was an EVENT to be worked on.

I had several years of Halloween on the base...I suppose that is where my Halloween career was at it's high point.  I don't remember all the costumes, but I do remember Mom "putting some good ones together".  The big deal back then was that we went ALL over the housing area for what seemed like hours and hours.  A well planned trickRtreating night consisted of several trips back home to empty out the sleeping bad that we used to carry our candy in.  It was amazing.  I was schooled carefully on "Don't eat any, til we check it" from my Dad.  I'm sure he was wanting to make sure I was safe, but I've also since figured out that he was also picking his favorites. 

While my kids were growing up, I dressed up with them and took them trickRtreating.  In their younger years they might have been a bit shy, but it never took them long to get the hang of it. 

It's exciting now to have my kids bring their kids to the house.  I'm usually the last stop, after they've done the career TrickRtreating, and been scared at  my Dad's.  (He always had a guy that was dead, "killed by the garage door", and a spider that landed on your hand when you ring the door bell) Dad used to borrow hay bales to line his driveway and make you walk where he wanted you to walk, and see all the spooks he had planned for ya. 

This year, Dad and I went to East Elementary where we have two Grandchildren attending.  They had a "parade" of sorts of the classes.  I'm happy to have seen some parents dressed up also.  Kids love that!

Below is my Granddaughter, the Lion

Britt 246

Below is my Grandson, the Motorcycle Racer

Britt 249

Below are some parents that I don't know, but I'm proud of them

Britt 251

The Lion is saying "That's my Grandma!"Britt 254

 Britt 255 Britt 260

Dad and I didn't know that each other was going to be there, but shoulda guess I guess. 

Britt 264 Britt 268 Britt 290

Visitors to my house.

Granddaughters Kloe & Autumn are beautiful Fairies

Hall Roping 518 Hall Roping 540 Hall Roping 542

4-H kids and Nieces & Nephews are Dorothy, Bear, Princess, and bad guys

Hall Roping 558 Hall Roping 561  Hall Roping 570 Hall Roping 575 Hall Roping 578

Possibly Murderers?

Hall Roping 579

I might get in trouble for this one

Hall Roping 582

Granddaughters.... how cute?

Hall Roping 585 Hall Roping 591 Hall Roping 593

Bryce is no doubt the cutest Lil Monkey

Hall Roping 599 

The kids didn't trickRtreat for house like we used to, but it was sure still fun for them, and me.



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