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Friday, January 20, 2017

Homecoming Game 2010

Posted Thursday, September 30, 2010, at 1:57 PM

These are the pictures of the Homecoming game, as I saw it.  I took pictures of things we saw as we were walking to the game, and of people, and kids being spirited.  It was a great night!  I hope you were there!

In fact, I hope I got a picture of you!  If you've read any of my blogs, you'll know I love pictures of our Flag. It shows up here again, a few times.

HomeComing 184

This is as we walked along 18th, towards the field.  The street is LINED with vehicles ...I like that. I also like that the Fire Engine is there to support the flag, and the kids.

 HomeComing 187 HomeComing 190 

Middleton Vikings

 HomeComing 196 HomeComing 197 HomeComing 200  HomeComing 204 HomeComing 205 HomeComing 208

Diane Monasterio pinning an "Alumni" ribbon

HomeComing 211 HomeComing 212 HomeComing 214

This is a great view of the stands, PACKED

HomeComing 216

I got some good shots of the game.

HomeComing 221 HomeComing 222 HomeComing 223 HomeComing 232 HomeComing 235   HomeComing 250 HomeComing 257 HomeComing 263HomeComing 277 HomeComing 270  HomeComing 278HomeComing 500 HomeComing 533 HomeComing 542 HomeComing 546 HomeComing 554 HomeComing 555 HomeComing 559

Half time. 

HomeComing 240 HomeComing 283HomeComing 237 HomeComing 284 HomeComing 287 HomeComing 291 HomeComing 300 HomeComing 302 HomeComing 306 HomeComing 309 HomeComing 310 HomeComing 316 HomeComing 317 HomeComing 323

The Moon was coming up, and I love the shot next to the flag.  (Of course)

HomeComing 326 HomeComing 332 HomeComing 335

My friend, Theresa Dodge

HomeComing 339

The Queen Court

THomeComing 346 HomeComing 356 HomeComing 360 HomeComing 368 HomeComing 371 HomeComing 380 HomeComing 397 HomeComing 405 HomeComing 412 HomeComing 436

Back to the Game.  I was excited to get pics of #56.  My nephew Adam Miller!

HomeComing 449 HomeComing 457 HomeComing 463 HomeComing 470 HomeComing 473 HomeComing 481

My friend, Karen's daughter, Claudia

HomeComing 488

I LOVED the spirit shown by the kids

HomeComing 493 HomeComing 495 HomeComing 560 HomeComing 563 HomeComing 574 HomeComing 610 HomeComing 611 HomeComing 615 HomeComing 622 HomeComing 628 HomeComing 634 HomeComing 637

As we left, photos of the snack shack.

HomeComing 644

And of course, a flag, thru the goal .... how perfect.

HomeComing 651


I hope you enjoyed.



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