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Thursday, December 8, 2016

My Daughter Shows a Mule/Ass

Posted Monday, August 23, 2010, at 7:35 PM


My daughter rides horses for people when they hire her.  Or maybe I should say equines.... this one is a mule to be specific.  The jokes are limitless.... We wonder how long during the days does "Katie sit around on her ass"  Nope, the fun knows no bounds.  BUT this last weekend, she made me proud and showed the mule at the Western Idaho Fair Mule Show.  I went to watch and of course take pictures.  I was impressed with all the competitors.  Katie didn't win, but consistently placed about 3rd and 4th.  She only had this mule about a month, so I thought that was exceptional.  I do a little bit of showing, but I LOVED watching my daughter show.   She hasn't done much since 4-H, though she is very involved with "equines" ....


Autumn & Mule Show 418

There were quite a few mules being shown, and these folks take this very seriously!

Autumn & Mule Show 425 Autumn & Mule Show 434 Autumn & Mule Show 449 Autumn & Mule Show 461

Each contestant gets a moment with the judge.

Autumn & Mule Show 541 Autumn & Mule Show 545 Autumn & Mule Show 567

You never know what you'll see just looking behind ya.

Autumn & Mule Show 582  Autumn & Mule Show 631 Autumn & Mule Show 613

These are ponies that are going to be the "Pony Rides"

Autumn & Mule Show 640

Katie does not like to have her picture taken

Autumn & Mule Show 675 Autumn & Mule Show 676

Again, ya just never know what you'll see!

Autumn & Mule Show 678 Autumn & Mule Show 679


Autumn & Mule Show 782 Autumn & Mule Show 783

They have a "Scurry Race"  Over 3 jumps -- Around a Barrel & Back.  This was fun to watch!  I want to add it to our horse show in Elmore County!

Autumn & Mule Show 817 Autumn & Mule Show 829 Autumn & Mule Show 836  Autumn & Mule Show 850 Autumn & Mule Show 856 Autumn & Mule Show 875 Autumn & Mule Show 883 

I'm kind of proud of her.  This is an awesome jump!

Autumn & Mule Show 897 Autumn & Mule Show 896  Autumn & Mule Show 894

LOTS more came out for the Egg & Spoon Race.  They have to hold an egg on a spoon, and see who goes the longest without dropping the spoon.  Katie was 4th in this.  Awesome riders.

Autumn & Mule Show 925  Autumn & Mule Show 936 Autumn & Mule Show 937 Autumn & Mule Show 967 Autumn & Mule Show 845

Autumn & Mule Show 926

Run -- Ride & Lead.  Is just what it says.  You have to run to your Mule/Horse, Get on, race back, get off and run back!  Exciting and Hilarious to watch!

Autumn & Mule Show 1019

Her Mule does NOT like her charging at him.... but it works out.  Wayne is her handler.

Autumn & Mule Show 1025 Autumn & Mule Show 1026 Autumn & Mule Show 1029 Autumn & Mule Show 1033 Autumn & Mule Show 1051 Autumn & Mule Show 1057 Autumn & Mule Show 1065 

These kids are climbing in to get the eggs that fell but didn't break.  An egg fight is about to start.

Autumn & Mule Show 1071

This mule is under the canopy cooling off!

Autumn & Mule Show 1073


More to come!

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wonderful pictures...looks like a lot of fun....

-- Posted by gfhorses on Wed, Aug 25, 2010, at 8:00 AM

Katie, Good Job! Does look like fun.

-- Posted by CHandy on Fri, Aug 27, 2010, at 8:57 AM

Thanks gfhorses....I love to show pics to folks that enjoy them!

Christina ...it WAS alot of fun! We are going to the Western Idaho Fair Western Horse show tomorrow...more pics to come!

Thanks for the comment!


-- Posted by jessiemiller on Sat, Aug 28, 2010, at 10:52 AM

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