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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pebbles Flintstone Visits Mtn Home

Posted Monday, August 23, 2010, at 5:54 PM

My niece turned 2 last weekend.... and if you've read my blogs before, you know we like to party!  She is my sister Arlene's grand daughter.  Arlene never got to meet her, and Autumn (aka Pebbles) is the spitting image of Arlene. 

They are the only 2 that showed up with Red hair. 

Maggie is Autumn's Mom...and she's beautiful too.  My sister Ardie and Maggie put this party together with the Flintstones theme.  Ardie never does anything half way, as you'll see.  Though the weather threatened to be unfriendly, Ardie had ordered cool weather, and that's exactly what we got.  It was perfect!

Autumn & Mule Show 060

We had guests from out of town.  Below is Autumn's Grandpa, Orie.

Autumn & Mule Show 063

We had snacks with a Prehistoric theme.

Autumn & Mule Show 070 Autumn & Mule Show 068 Autumn & Mule Show 069

Maggie ordered a "Pebbles Pinata"

Autumn & Mule Show 097

It's raining candy!

Autumn & Mule Show 088 

Pebbles herself!

Autumn & Mule Show 110

The kids played

Pin the Bone on Pebbles

Autumn & Mule Show 119 Autumn & Mule Show 131 Autumn & Mule Show 135 Autumn & Mule Show 142 Autumn & Mule Show 145

Below is my Grand daughter Jilly being a Dino Saur

Autumn & Mule Show 173 Autumn & Mule Show 175

Jilly scaring Wayne, Butch & Great Granpa!

Autumn & Mule Show 176 Autumn & Mule Show 180

Bowling.  I was right in line with that ball! 

Autumn & Mule Show 203 Autumn & Mule Show 206

All the Kids got treats from the Pebbles Goody bag.

Autumn & Mule Show 223 Autumn & Mule Show 237

Pebbles favorite gift was this Gummy Worm.  til....

Autumn & Mule Show 259

The 4 wheeler ..... Now it's the hit! 

Autumn & Mule Show 281

She does need help learning to turn.....

Autumn & Mule Show 297 Autumn & Mule Show 329

My niece is very talented.  She makes cakes professionally ... here is an example

Autumn & Mule Show 346 Autumn & Mule Show 348  Autumn & Mule Show 369 Autumn & Mule Show 370

Happy Birthday Autumn.  We love you!



We know your Grandma is smiling down on you.


Love, Aunt Jessie

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