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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Monday : English & Jumping

Posted Wednesday, August 4, 2010, at 5:03 PM

After the showmanship classes of Monday morning, the kids rush to get their horses saddled for the "English Classes"  I remember years ago, that only a small handful of the kids rode in the English classes, and we didn't have any jumpers.  Now there are quite a few, and several that jump.  We even had a young man this year, which is a rare species.  When my youngest (who is now 20) was about 13 he was the first Elmore County male species that had ridden in an English saddle, with all the proper attire.  He was so cool looking, though he never did it again after that year.  He did get paid $50 for the effort, which is why he did it.  I believe Karla Post promised him that the year before he did it.  He did NOT forget!

It's very exciting to see more kids expanding their experience .... and enjoy it.

Fair 1 488 Fair 1 503

above lft:  10 year old

above right: one of our graduating seniors, and the only male species to compete in English this year.

Fair 1 504 

Above left:  My niece, on a horse she has trained herself.

Fair 1 507Fair 1 506 Fair 1 512

Above:  Our ring steward, and our Judge.  They did such a great job, on a very hot day.  Many thanks!

Fair 1 516 Fair 1 518 Fair 1 519 Fair 1 520 Fair 1 522 Fair 1 525  Fair 1 537 Fair 1 541 Fair 1 527Fair 1 551

Wayne headed to the arena with our Granddaughter, and nephews.

Fair 1 553 

Ya never know what animal you might see walking by.

Fair 1 558

Here are 2 leaders that have worked hard all year long.  They are part of what makes it work.Fair 1 560

He takes a bow.....


Fair 1 578 

Hmmm..... not sure how to caption this.  But they are being led astray by their leader, Christine!

Fair 1 591

This is the group that is going to jump.  Christine is taking them thru the course, so they know what is expected.

Fair 1 599Fair 1 593    Fair 1 607 Fair 1 611 Fair 1 614


You have got to admit, these are some impressive kids.  The future of great horsemanship has got some great up and coming talent, if I say so myself.



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