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Bidenís actions continue to destroy this nation

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

During the latest presidential candidate debate, the border issue was addressed many times. The Biden administration has adopted a too little too late approach that has resulted in the death and destruction of Americans across the country through crime, murder, and drug use.

The trafficking of women, children, and men for a vile slavery agenda, be it the sex industry or the hiring of illegals to work at jobs, should be abhorrent to every citizen of this great nation. With the millions of people pouring into here illegally, they continue to overwhelm and strain our community, including schools, hospitals, emergency response, and even social security.

The movement to make Idaho a comfortable place as a landing spot for those who enter this country illegally and blame it on agriculture is despicable. The mere thought that itís appropriate to offer a driverís license to them is beyond comprehension.

Idahoans deserve an Idaho-first agenda; it is not that difficult. Wrong is wrong; rewarding bad behavior is unacceptable.

Challenges facing our state from an open border with local laws not being enforced have resulted in the following issues, to mention a few.

- Skyrocketing fentanyl deaths

- Human trafficking

- Crimes against persons and property

- Stress on taxpayer-funded services

- Increased demand for goods & services fueling inflation

- Increased housing demand creates higher rents & home prices for Idahoans

What can we do to stop the madness from the border affecting Idahoans? There are clear answers:

- Support an interstate compact on securing our border

- Publish immigration status with crime statistics

- Deny state funding to municipalities that refuse to abide by immigration laws

- Deny state benefits and services to non-citizens and non-legal residents

- Tax federal subsidies of non-government organizations and individuals facilitating the migrant invasion

I pledge to you that I will work with like-minded legislators who love our state and are determined to serve you, the people, to make this agenda happen for us and future Idahoans. Idaho can be a leader in the battle to save our country.

It will take all of us working together to make this happen. Our greatest challenge will be the anti-Idaho buddy system, which prioritizes big business interests over the needs of hardworking Idahoans who want to live safely and free.

I am not against business. As a small business owner, I understand the challenges and rewards of providing meaningful employment for families, youth looking for their first job, and especially those who come to this country legally and work hard to achieve the American dream.

My grandparents came here; nothing is more insulting to a new American who followed the law and applied the concepts of true freedom to be successful than to have illegals come here, cart blanch, and not have to follow the law.

It must stop now. I am asking for your support in this work. Together, we will accomplish this goal. God bless,

-- Christy Zito, Mountain Home

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