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Banks forcing people across nation to ‘buy into’ Direct Express

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Dear ladies and gentlemen of Elmore County,

What is Direct Express? Direct Express is the brainchild of the Social Security Administration. Fact: After 9/11, “events beyond reason” known to me, and tragic occurrence, Congress passed a law that all Social Security checks (funds) must be deposited into an account. The purpose of this law was to be able to monitor “suspicious” financial activity, deposits, transfers, etc.

Americans are cognizant our enemies are out to attack / destroy every aspect of our lives.

I reached a point where I had enough of using plastic cards – credit and debit cards. My goal was to return to the usage of U.S. currency: cash. Every proprietor must pay a fee to their financial institution to make it convenient for you to use credit / debit cards.

Then the price tag is factored in by the usage of plastic cards – in other words, passed on to the consumer.

In my humble opinion, this is exactly what banks wanted us to do. Unfortunately, we’re buying into it!

I made the effort to contact the Social Security Administration. Yes, the wait time can be over two hours. So what? Set your phone down, put the speaker on high volume, write down the approximate time for “your turn” then go do multi-task chores around your home.

Once you request to go with Direct Express, you will receive a debit card from the SSA. I’m aware some SSA recipients draw up to $1,000 in cash. Of course, you’ll pay a fee to do so.

Think of it this way: No more entering charges (in registar), balancing or reconciling. Use money orders, and keep your copy as proof of payment.

Boy did it feel great to tell my banks, “close out and cut me a check!”

– Rhonda O’Hanley, Glenns Ferry

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