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Always remain vigilant when it comes to suspicious phone calls

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Dear editor,

At 11:05 a.m. June 20, 2024, I received an automated phone call from (208) 696-9017. My phone showed where the number was calling from, which was Mountain Home. The automated call stated it was from Amazon regarding a large online purchase I had made in the amount of $1,035.

“If you made this purchase, please press 1; if not, please press 2,” the message said.

I pressed 2 and was automatically transferred to a man with a very strong accent. He said, “hello; may I help you?” I said that I was just transferred to him, and he said, “no; you called me.” I said, “no, I pressed 2 like the automated service told me to do.”

He again said, “no; you called.” I repeated myself again, and he said, “no, you (explicative) lady; you called me.”

I hung up the phone, got on the Internet and Googled the phone number to find out it was a Verizon wireless cell phone bought at the Mountain Home Wal-Mart. I called the cell phone back, and the Verizon automated voice service said, “the mailbox for this caller has not been set up yet.” I reported this incident to the Elmore County Sheriff’s Office. They assured me it was a spoof and took the information to report it.

I am thankful I did not click Option 1, or I might have been taken for a lot of money.

– Debra Liming, Mountain Home

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