Barney Stokes

Monday, May 13, 2024

Barney was born in Texas to Mary and Bernie Stokes on March, 3rd, 1943 and was raised in Comanche where he went to school for all 12 years. Being his first home, Comanche was a town that held a special place in his heart and he would share these memories with all he met. He had a cowboy heart through and through.

Barney was married to his first wife Joyce for 20 years. Together they had their son Daryl and daughter Sherry. In ‘89 Barney met his other half Anita Allred, who he loved so much he married twice! In 2001 they settled in Mountain Home together and adopted their daughter Swana Stokes to complete their family.

In 1967, Barney found his passion in truck driving for Rykoff where he spent 30 years traveling the country and making memories everywhere he went. Even when he retired, he kept in touch with all of his trucking buddies to relive the good memories. When he left truck driving, he found a job in Mountain Home at the local El Ada where he worked for several years. He enjoyed feeding and taking care of people, but above all, he liked having a job to do.

Barney was a bowling champion, titled “World’s Best Bowler” by people who knew him. It was one of his many passions in life along with gardening, camping, fishing, and causing a ruckus. He spent many hours at the lake angling for the best catch with his friends and family, with a whiskey on ice in his hand. In his later years, he enjoyed woodworking with a yard filled with birdhouses and other crafts he’d made to add to his collection. He was a frequent visitor to the local farmers market where he would often sell his creations to people who loved them. Each birdhouse was a labor of love for him and nothing brought him more joy than sharing his creations with everyone. Barney also enjoyed spending time in his backyard, tending to his fruit trees and caring for his garden. His special zucchini bread was a household favorite.

With his wife Anita, Barney would often go on frequent trips up to Jackpot where he enjoyed his Keno and slot machines. When he wasn’t in Jackpot, he was picking up his scratch tickets to win more money for Keno. In his down time, when he had it, he spent a lot of time watching his Fox News and hearing what went on in the world. He was a big Trump fan, he couldn’t go to Jackpot without his Trump hat. On the way to Jackpot he once realized they had forgotten it and they had to turn around to go back and get it.

Barney is survived by his wife Anita Stokes, his daughters Swana Stokes, Brandy and son, Mike, sister Marty (and Donald) Roeche, several cousins, and multiple dogs who will miss him very much. He is preceded in death by his parents Mary and Bernie, many in laws including John and Phylis Allred, Cora and Ralph Whiffen, his good friend Robert and Judy Payne, Carma Werschky, Jim and Margie McCance, Dave Ellis, Lori Huntley, and Rachel Burgess.

In his 81 years, Barney touched many lives and brought joy to countless others. He was always there to help anyone who was in need and found happiness in being with his friends and family. Barney’s positive energy, his humor, and his strong will are things we will keep with us forever.

A memorial will be held on May 25th at 2:00 p.m at Rost Funeral Home. Friends and family are welcome to come and share their memories about Barney. We’d like to thank the staff of Rost, the paramedics, and our local police for all of their support over the years. Barney will be deeply missed by all those who knew him, and he will be carried in our hearts forever. We know right now he's up in the sky bowling a perfect game.