Word from Rep. Bundy

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Dear Constituents,

During the session, we worked hard to find solutions to the problems that matter to you, Elmore, Valley, Boise, and Custer counties. We focused on improving our schools, investing in infrastructure, and protecting our communities. You’ll also see lower taxes even as we manage the demands of a growing state.

MAINTAINING & REPAIRING SCHOOLS – In H521, we secured additional funding to maintain and repair our schools. This legislation combines sales tax dollars with other state revenues to help districts with the backlog of maintenance.

IMPROVING PUBLIC SAFETY – In HB 406, we passed mandatory minimums for fentanyl. Drug traffickers will face consequences for moving this deadly drug through our state. We also supported the Idaho State Police training at the southern border.

BALANCING BUDGETS & PASSING TAX CUTS – We met our constitutional obligation to balance our state budget, save money for a rainy day, and pass our third tax cut in three years. Under our flat income tax, the rate for individuals and businesses will drop from 5.8% to 5.695%.

TRANSPORTATION, WATER, AND INFRASTRUCTURE. – In recent years, the Legislature has championed investments in critical infrastructure without raising taxes or fees. The Legislature fully funded the known ongoing transportation safety gap, making Idaho roads safer. We leveraged available funds for water projects to ensure a stable water supply.

VETERANS SERVICES. – In SB 1402, we approved the funding and associated building requests to rebuild the Boise Veterans Home, refurbish the Lewiston Veterans Home, and maintain the lease on the property for the Pocatello Veterans Home.