Letter to the Editor

Buyer Beware, or at least Aware!

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Further review of fiber optic, City of Mountain Home website Mountain Home Fiber. Mayor has stated that the connection fee is estimated to be around $3500.00 and can be paid on completion of Lid#1 or amortized for 15 years.

Website states 20 years! Estimated monthly fee is $23.50, comes out to $282.00 a year. $282.00 for 15 years comes out to $4,230.00 and at 20 years $5,640.00. Again no transparency!

Homeowners are signing opt-in forms that have no amounts written for connection fees or utility fees. Nor how many years to pay! Please do the research before signing anything! Buyer beware! You can remove your opt-in by sending in a written request to the city fiber optic department to be removed from the connection list as long as the connection to your home has not been started!