Letter to the Editor

Less ‘crime’ coverage, more student sports

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

I have long complained about the coverage that is given to local sports activities and local events in the Mountain Home News. When our high school students earn an opportunity to go to a state competition there is usually a picture, but it’s so small you can’t see who it is. Twice, within the last six months the Mountain Home News has had enough space to devote a total of almost two pages, with-big pictures, to an alleged abuse that took place over 15 years ago.

You reprinted articles by Associated Press writers who have made careers out of “exposing” scandals involving churches and organizations. Numerous things in the articles are lies. Why didn’t you bother to get the other side of the story? Now that would have been news. Interview Dr. Goodrich and see what he says. Interview the former Bishop; ask him why he couldn’t testify and whether his testimony would have resulted in a trial. Interview the other children in the home, the oldest son and younger daughter, find out their thoughts on the situation.

Also who alerted you to this story? Was it an anonymous phone call or someone involved with the story? What purpose did the story serve? Are you trying to discredit an organization that does only good for the community? Are you trying to destroy the reputation of a man that doesn’t even live here? Again what purpose?

I’ve supported the Mountain Home News for over 30 years but my patience is running thin. I hope you will seriously consider the thoughts I have presented.