Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

I would like to make a comment about the unfortunate episode at the city council meeting February 13. When citizens do not understand the Roberts Rule of conduct and how Mayor and Council manage business people get frustrated. Is it the city representativeís responsibility to educate the citizen? The outburst represents underlying problems and perhaps knowledge. The Mayor, Council and Citizenís failings in communication is often the reason there are so many mis-understandings. Be respectful and ask questions of importance. Demands will not resolve anything.

Education should be offered by the city via mini courses available through Parks and Recreation or Library. I have expressed this to the Mayor Sykes and Betsy (communication director) and at this very council meeting that was so heated. There are steps to getting your questions answered and yes, it is confusing. I personally have had my challenges in learning the twisting winding road to answers.

The three-minute comment time is not where you will get any answers. However, it is a time to be heard. Those few minutes do make a difference. Everyone on the platform is accessible via email, phone, and public request records. Showing up at meetings is the best way to be seen and heard. There are many moving parts to local government. Losing your cool will not get you the answers but will get you noticed. One person willing to speak out is a cry of many other frustrated citizens. Learning to communicate is how we resolve issues.

Rod Dudley

Mountain Home