Editor's Corner

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

I had the strangest experience this weekend; my dad lured me to menís prayer breakfast with coffee. Donít worry, it was Lucky Perk, not black coffee.

It was an interesting experience to say the least, mainly because I normally get tricked into the womanís potluck. I am a total sucker for food and coffee, let there be no mistake.

However I will say that watching the guys joke around with one another and make fun of my dad was definitely something worth watching. There have been many studies done by places like Harvard that speaks volumes to the kind of life that American men suffer due to isolation. Especially in older men who have lost their partner.

This prayer group was a reminder that it didnít have to be that way. I think that there are a number of ways that people can come together, especially men, that are not just at church gatherings. It is also our job as community members to make sure that there is always an opportunity for those in our community to find their group and their people.

Granted, if you attend the menís prayer group, and odds are any other kind of group for older gentleman, there is most likely a Papa Buzza in the group that will tell you jokes while you watch your dad drop deviled eggs on himself. So, I mean, thatís kind of worth it in of itself really.