Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

As a busy mom of three, I was shocked to learn about the upcoming Idaho Republican caucus. The caucus is a new concept we had to learn about in the first place, since the party is pushing away from the traditional Presidential Primary.

Saturdays are hectic enough with soccer games, lacrosse practice, and wrestling matches. My family simply doesnít have the luxury of sitting around all morning to attend a caucus. We depend on absentee ballots, longer poll hours, and a quick, efficient voting process.

The decision to hold a caucus feels like a deliberate exclusion of families like mineóand countless other Idahoans who juggle multiple commitments. How can the Republican Party claim to represent all Idahoans when they implement a voting method that alienates so many?

I urge the Idaho GOP to reconsider and prioritize accessibility and inclusivity in our electoral process. Letís ensure that every voice is heard, regardless of their schedule or circumstances.