Michael Eugene Freitas

Friday, February 2, 2024

Michael Eugene Freitas of Mountain Home Idaho passed away peacefully in his sleep on Sunday January 21, 2024, with his wife Barb by his side.

Mike was born in Ceres, California on December 1, 1953. He was the son of Louis Walter Freitas and Lois Martha Dougal Freitas who are both deceased.

He is survived by his wife Barbara Ann of Mountain Home, Idaho and one surviving sibling Thomas Allen (Kathy) Freitas of Ottawa, Kansas. He also had an older brother Timothy Louis and a sister Rachelle Lois Freitas who have both passed away.

Mike is survived by his children Christopher Freitas and Rebeca Shaffer of California, Michael and Brett Freitas of Colorado, Matt Bentley of Colorado, and McKaley Brenn of Germany and two stepchildren Krystal McSwain and John McCay.

Mike is also survived by his close loving granddaughter Suzanne McMurrian of Meridian who loved her grandfather with all her heart.

Mike graduated from Davis High School in Modesto, CA in June of 1971. He majored in mechanics, shop metal and auto mechanics. He followed in his father’s insurance business for a while but finally found his niche in HVAC. Mike loved fishing and playing the guitar. He also loved to cook and made the “best” fried chicken and mashed potatoes and country gravy. Mike really loved to camp and the outdoors.

Mike really loved his little sister Rachelle “Shelly” who was developmentally disabled. He doted on her and took her many places. She called him Kaike. His nieces and nephews always remembered when they would come over, he would freeze Snickers and cut them in pieces for them. He also loved the tacos from Jack in the Box.

His brother Tom was with him in September in the ICU for a week and at that time Mike asked Jesus into his heart to be his Savior.

During his HVAC career he was subjected to asbestos and had many falls off ladders. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma and had one lung removed due to this disease. He struggled with breathing and developed congestive heart disease. Barb stayed by his side through all of this. She loved him with all her heart and said she always will. His kidneys and liver shut down and he left the hospital with hospice care. He lived at home for another 7 days and then the Lord called Mike home and he left this world and entered heaven.

Our thanks go out to Bishop Scott Spaulding of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints, 5th ward for honoring Mike at his funeral. We also would like to thank the Relief Society for the great luncheon and their kindness they showed to our family and Mike’s home teacher Paul for serving Mike for over 25 years.