11.28.23 City Council Meeting

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The Council meeting was pretty typical in so far as items on the agenda such as a new retirement community being approved after water rights were determined and approving minutes and the treasurerís report.

The new golf fees have been approved with the new season pass for an adult being $742 annually and the monthly pass being $135 now. Both roughly a 35% increase than they were previously. There are many other adjustments to the golf course fees than when the public hearing took place.

There was also the matter of adding ordinance 1788 to the agenda which entails the retail selling of alcoholic beverages that contain liquor on Sundays and some holidays. An ordinance that was thought to have already existed because the county has one. However the city also needs one.

There was much debate and discussion over wether the ordinance need wait to hold a public hearing. Both Councilmen Bundy and Councilmen Brennan voted nay to add the ordinance to the agenda, wanting to wait for the public to be able to come and speak about the ordinance and have their voces heard. However, after more discussion both councilmen had changed their votes to aye. Bundy changing his vote after hearing that waiting would mean asking officers not to adhere to current ordinances. Brennan changing his vote not wanting to seem as though he didnít support the new ordinance when he does, he simply wanted to table the vote until the next meeting.

There is one final City Council Meeting, 12.12.23 at 5pm at City Hall. All citizens are welcome. If you cannot attend you can find the livestream on the City Hall webpage.

The Council will have two more meetings with Councilman Bundy and Councilman Green. The last meeting will the first of the new year in which the new Council members will be sworn in.