Letter to the Editor

You asked, They answered

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

In last week’s edition, Ms. June Zilisch asked a question about jurisdictional boundaries near her residence. There are several small pockets of county land within the city boundaries of Mountain Home. Ms. Zilisch’s home and the property directly to the north of her is one such pocket. The lands surrounding both properties are within city limits. However, the officers of the Mountain Home Police Department will answer calls for service anywhere encompassed by the larger outer boundaries of the city limits. Mayor Sykes and I have had numerous conversations about serving our citizens, regardless of where they may be located, and to worry about imaginary lines later. This is the main reason I have repeatedly asked Sheriff Hollingshead to consider a cross-deputization of city officers. In reviewing the body camera footage, the officer in question did state that “we normally don’t go north of W 5th except for the range.” However, neither he or any other officer of the MHPD have ever been told not to patrol certain areas. Despite her question, no one at the city police department, the county sheriff or dispatch would wait and argue about jurisdictional issues if Ms. Zilisch needed to call 9-1-1 to report an emergency.

I attempted to contact Ms. Zilisch in person yesterday and also called but was not successful. I am happy to speak with her further if she has any other questions.

Jon Thompson

MH Police Chief