Commissioner Council Meeting 11.3.23

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

This meetingís hot button was the Simco Landfill. With tensions rising between council members and the attorney representing IWRS LLC.ís, Edward Dindinger. Dindinger kick started the IRWSís time before the public hearing to appeal the Planning and Zoning Committeeís decision, concerning IRWS being in violation of dumping regulations. Dindinger informed the Commissioners that a lawsuit against Elmore county on the claimed basis that the Commissioners and the Planning and Zoning committee have been choosing to ignore the work and progress that IRWS claims they have made.

There were multiple occasions in which both the IRWS attorney and the Commissioners had clearly been at odds. During one such time, Commissioner Hofer had to reclaim Attorney Dindingerís attention to find clarification in which the attorney had been so heated he hadnít heard what Hofer had said. There were multiple people present at the public hearing, all anxious to see if the appeal that the IRWS had originally put forth would be approved. However, the attorney representing IRWS had informed the council that they were under the impression that no matter what they stated the Council had indicated in previous meetings that the decision had already been made, and thus didnít want to waste his clients billing time.

The lawsuit had been filed against the county late the prior night.

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