James Earl Carothers

Friday, October 27, 2023

James Earl Carothers of Grand View, Idaho passed away at his daughters home in Garden Valley, Idaho as he slept on September 10, 2023. He enjoyed his last days surrounded by loved ones. He is survived by his daughters Laurie Langfitt, Rhonda Hendricks, and his son James Mahlon Carothers. He has numerous grand children and great grandchildren. He had four siblings Victoria, Patrick, Quintin Marticorena and Danny Santos. Only Danny is still with us today.

He was born July 29, 1940 in a mining town by the name of Rio Tinto, in Nevada. It was a booming place back then. His father Franklin Carothers was raised in the Owyhee mountains past Oreana on Castle Creek. His mother Marian Maxine Montrose was from Mountain Home, Idaho. She was very young when she gave birth to Jimmy as he was called in his youth. She abandoned him and he went to live with his paternal grandparents while his father went into the service during World War II. His father did not recognize anyone from his family after he was released from the service. He lived the rest of his life in a Veterans home. Jimmy grew up without his father but was reunited with his mother after a few years with his grandparents. He then lived in Elko, Nevada with his new step father and his mother. He was also raised by his Uncles Milt, Calvin and Jim. He was very close to his cousins and was more like a brother to Terry and Marilyn Carothers Messick of Grand View, Idaho. Cousins he was close to include John Carothers of Grand View, Jimmy Carothers of Mountain Home, Patty and Carolyn, Barbara Biggs, Bill Biggs and many others. Marjorie Montrose Streeter in Mountain Home is still alive and is his Aunt. James Earl Carothers loved his uncles Bob, Owen and Turk. Eddie Montrose is his cousin as well. His Aunts Helen, Lena and Marie watched out for him too!

There will be a potluck and a celebration of life at 12:00 pm on November 4, 2023 in Grand View, Idaho at the Senior Center.

He was a man that was full of life and loved to learn. He was what's known as a jack of all trades as he worked as a truck driver, lineman, rancher, welder, machinist, telephone man, logger, cowboy, mining, and had a business called Rimrock Rentals. He was a decent mechanic as well. He was well known for his strong work ethic and was even driving truck for Simplot full time when he was 80. He was a great trainer and mentor for other truck drivers and people he worked with.

He loved to hunt and fish although he did confess in his last days that he wish he hadn't have worked so hard and had taken the time to enjoy those activities more. He loved horses and for many years he had quite a herd of very fine animals that he raised to sell and for his own family to enjoy and use for 4-h, rodeo, chariot racing, and working their cattle.

He was married to Helen Dunning for over thirty years and had five children with her. Laurie, Franklin, Rhonda, Mahlon and a baby that died shortly after being born. He married and divorced three more times. Helen Carothers Biggs is alive today and was able to spend alot of time with him before he passed.

He will be remembered by his family for his mischievous grin and his stubborn and ornery personality. He loved to tease people and see if he could get a rise out of them. He was tender hearted but didn't want anyone to know it. He helped many people in his life time who were down on their luck. He admired people with true grit and determination.

He often spoke fondly of his grand parents that raised him for a short time and had a heart for the fatherless.

He had a strong will to survive and wanted to do more things in this life. He said God wasn't done with him yet. One of the greatest highlights of his life was traveling to Israel and he had hoped to go visit there again. He wasn't afraid to go to new places or try new things. He had an adventurous life and squeezed every drop out of it that he could.

He was an impressive story teller and had an amazing memory. The family and community has lost a great historian. His energetic, unique, feisty and sometimes obnoxious presence will certainly be missed by many. Any one that ever met him knew that they had met a true original character.

He loved the Lord and is rejoicing in heaven with loved ones.