City Planning and Zoning Meeting 4.3.23

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

April’s first city planning and zoning meeting kicked off with the commission moving, unanimously, to approve the previous two meetings’ minutes. Directly after this, the commissioners heard from representatives of a proposed RV park that would be created just behind the Mountain Home Auto Ranch.

In their presentation, the representatives provided details surrounding the proposed park and informed the audience that this would be their third park, the other already-existing parks are in Nampa and Ontario. The proposed park would boast approximately 175 stalls, two dog parks, and a roughly 4,000 sq. ft. clubhouse. The triangular property is zoned as commercial, however Development Director Brock Cherry explained to the commissioners that the proposed site plans are compliant with city standards and codes. In an act of good faith, the developers explained that they intend to gift the city with a 14 foot easement to allow for the brown belt path to continue, paralleling the property line.

Members of the public present were given the opportunity to share their thoughts and provide feedback to the commissioners and representatives, as is standard practice in public hearings. Subsequently, two individuals approached the commission. Both individuals raised similar concerns about potential traffic conflicts. The two asserted that the increase in traffic flow following the development of the RV park could potentially impact traffic flow on American Legion Boulevard and surrounding streets. One of the individuals even made reference to a rumored roundabout in the area.

Ultimately, both the representatives, Mr. Cherry, Public Works Director Rich Urquidi, and the commissioners were able to discuss and determine that potential traffic increases, including semi-trucks and other long-load vehicles, would not face any impediments following the development of an RV park. They cited reasons such as the implementation of a traffic circle, and the width of already developed roads and intersections that were designed with such vehicles in mind.

With the conclusion of the public meeting came time for the commissioners to vote on whether or not to provide the developers with a Conditional Use Permit. Each of the commissioners present voted in favor of providing the CUP to the developers.

Approving the findings of fact for a PUD of Yasinski Investments was next on the commissioners agenda, and they elected, once again unanimously, to approve the findings of fact for the property located at 830 North Second East Street.

The meeting was then adjourned.

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