County Commissioners Meeting - 2.17.23

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

The County Commissioners, with the exception of Commissioner Corbus, met on Friday Feb. 17 for their last meeting of the month.

The commissioners heard from County Assessor Josh Dison to make a decision regarding a tax refund to a county resident who purchased a portion of a parcel in 1999, and had unknowingly been paying property tax on more acreage than they actually owned since the year of purchase. Per county precedent, the Commissioners approved a refund of up to 7 years worth of property taxes which totaled to around $781.00.

Following this, Steve VanNorman spoke to the Commissioners about approving a contract with Surfzone who has historically provided the county with website repairs. Mr. VanNorman sought to create a contract to pay $5,100 annually to compensate and support Surfzone for their continued support and repairs.

Afterwards the Commissioners approved expenses as well as an agreement between the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation and Elmore County regarding a boating safety grant.

The afternoon session saw a continued public hearing regarding the proposed impact fee ordinance and comprehensive plan amendment. There was also a public hearing for a proposed zoning ordinance amendment.

Information pertaining to current zoning ordinances and the current comprehensive plan are accessible via the Elmore County website.

The next Commissioners meeting will take place on March 3.

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