City Planning & Zoning - November 7, 2022

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The City of Mountain Home’s planning and zoning commission met on Monday night in a short meeting.

The commission heard from community development director Brock Cherry and public works director Rich Urquidi regarding an ordinance change proposed by the city. The proposed ordinance change would “outright permit all City of Mountain Home facilities and structures, provide a definition for city facilities and structures, and update the zoning land use chart to illustrate all City of Mountain Home facilities and structures as permitted”. Put plainly, this change in ordinance would allow the city to develop properties in any way it sees fit without “jumping through the hoops” typically associated with progressing development projects. Deliberation ensued, dominating the meeting for nearly 40 minutes. Ultimately, the item was tabled for a future meeting. The commission collectively concluded that due to a lack of specificity­—and with the future in mind—they could not make a recommendation to approve the ordinance change as it is currently proposed.

Following this, the commission unanimously approved the findings of fact for the preliminary plat and conditional use permit for the Blue Yonder subdivision and other dwelling units proposed to be constructed on Smith Road between South 5th West and South 14th West.

After these approvals, the meeting was adjourned.

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