City Council Meeting - 10.11.22

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The Mountain Home City Council met on Tuesday the 11th in regular session. The meeting began with briefings from department heads.

Library Director Hochstrasser reported good turnout at recent library events, and listed a plethora of activities hosted by the library and available for members of the public to attend.

Community Development Director Brock Cherry advised the Council that more development projects were more than likely to be brought before them in coming meetings.

Fire Chief Moore expressed his excitement for the return of the Fire Department Open House. A representative from the Police Department spoke on behalf of Chief Conner, who is currently on paid administrative leave, to let the council know that education programs in schools have been going well, and that city officers have completed the schooling portion of their active shooter training.

Director of Public Works Rich Urquidi let the council know that the Jackson Street project had concluded under budget.

Moving on to the consent agenda, council members asked for clarification on a few items, including the future of two city-owned trucks that are no longer in service. It was determined that one truck would be auctioned off, and the other would go to city water services.

Additionally, Councilman Brennan asked for clarification regarding an agreement between the city and the animal shelter for the shelter to pay $70 monthly to the city for fiber optic connection, and other services. Ultimately, this action item was tabled and the consent agenda was approved.

Next, the council reviewed the proposed city impact fees. Some council members expressed their concerns with the projected growth percentage, and felt that the proposed fees based on the aforementioned percentage were somewhat harsh, especially lending consideration to the current state of the national and state economies. It was decided that the impact fees would be approved, but that the projected growth statistics should be reevaluated after 6 months.

Under new business, the council heard from Brock Cherry and various developers in a string of action items regarding decisions on recommendations made to the council by the cityís Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z). Regarding the proposed Colthorp Commons development, the city heard presentations from Mr. Cherry as well as members of the developerís team. Although P&Z had recommended denial in a 3-2 vote, the council members ultimately approved the projectís request to rezone from an R4 to an R4 PUD.

The council then deliberated on the annexation of land and to zone the land I-1 (light industrial) for Mountainbound Custom Storage and RV Park. After limited discussion, the council, save Councilman Brennan, approved both the annexation and rezoning, but limited the developer to constructing no more than 99 units, at which point if more units were to be constructed, certain conditions regarding street development would need to be met.

The council then unanimously agreed to approve a CUP for a drive-in/drive-thru at Walmart on American Legion.

The council then entered executive session before adjouring. The next City Council meeting will take place in the council chambers on October 24th.

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