Western Elmore County Commissioners Meeting - 5/13

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Board President Dan Gillies established the meeting, Lee Pierce Vice President, Michelle Heins, Administrator, and Judy Erwin, Treasurer were all in attendance. Representatives from Wright Brothers Construction gave a status update on the next phases.

Lee Pierce managed the presentation with the contractor. They completed an initial bid process and the pricing for this stage of the structure (Roof Installation) and to complete the walls was $482,000.00 which, according to Lee Pierce is over and above the original budget pricing of $300,000.00 and 52 days construction time. Since 2019 there have been quite a few changes in the materials and labor markets. For example the labor costs are marked up 25%. The average markup found was 20-25% for general to subcontractors. Material costs have increased in some cases by 30% according to Pierce. Concrete, Copper , Aluminum and steel all have increased significantly. (Steel 200% increase, Aluminum 8% but copper has gone down due to supply.)

The Board concluded that the significant increase was at least partly due to the labor rate doubling. The entire board approved the action of finding another contractor.

The next action item are the contingency funds once WECRD exits the contract with Wright Brothers Construction.

Sean Bailey, Director of the Foundation, stated that the General Contractor was attempting to justify the higher rate due to the crane operation certification required, which is prompting the board to seek other bids locally. Fundraising is really getting involved with community events plus their own promotions “The grand 100,” 100 people at $1,000.00 each for donations. More information will be available May 16th.

The main fundraising focus is called“Heart and Minds” goal is to raise $1.2M during the campaign. If you are interested please contact Sean Bailey at (208) 985-9190.

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