Elmore County Commissioners Meeting Brief - January 7, 2022

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Elmore County Commissioners held their first meeting of the year on January 7th. The meeting started with the appointment of a new Chairman, as Commissioner Bud Corbus is stepping down. By unanimous decision the new Chairman appointed is Commissioner Crystal Rodgers.

Sheriff Hollinshead and Lt. Burnett, presented and received approval for new radios for the Sheriffs office. There was hesitation by the Commissioners due to the high cost of these radios. Sheriff Hollinshead said that he wants to consolidate the gear that the officers have to carry in the field. Lt. Burnett stated that “these radios are expensive but communicate on all bands. Hollinshead added “We want to stay ahead of the game.” The radios are multi-band, and the State of Idaho and FEMA have already started introducing them into the field.

The Glenns Ferry Broadband project has been put on hold pending more information and an in-person presentation to the board by the service provider. They will be using ARPA funds, which have taken the place of CARES Act funds for businesses.

The controversy of water in Elmore County continued in the meeting on Friday, with discussions centering around groundwater in subdivision development and if a community well or individual wells on the property were needed. Mitra Mehta -Cooper with the Elmore County Land Use and Building Department presented an option of a report that surveys if the land being developed will be sustainable to dig a new well. In other counties in Idaho the residents are opposed to any new well drilling. Commissioners Corbus and Hofer stated that as an average the groundwater is around the 500-600 foot level. The next meeting for review or vote will be in February.

The transfer of the Beer and Wine license from Chevron on Airbase Road to Jackson’s has been approved. The Liquor license for Tank’s Brekroom has been approved. Other motions that have been approved are Self Pay Discounts for Ambulance services and the destruction of certain records by the County Prosecutor.

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