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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Air Force Appreciation Day has always been a presence of mind first and foremost. Like some Larry and I had family members coming to join the day’s activities with us already en route from out of state. We are thankful regardless of the change of events.

As we celebrate the 61st Annual Air Force Appreciation Celebration in our hearts and souls on Sept 11, 2021, know that we continue to celebrate our military neighbors every day for their sacrifices and service.

The message of Air Force Appreciation Day will not ever change. This year, once again, we will not be able to have a parade through town to show our communities support and have our party in the park as a culmination of our thanks and appreciation of Mountain Home Air Force Base ~ Our Gunfighters’. I say “OUR Gunfighters” because they have always become more than servicemen & women at the base. They are our neighbors and friends, some for a short period and gratefully, some for life.

The circumstances of this weekend’s events changed quickly due to increased Covid exposure risk. Acting on the side of caution, hard decisions had to be made. Our local community largely supported the message given in the Sept. 1st cancellation message, and as always the “keyboard warriors” that have negative messages took to social media. It is our right to disagree, but the method of delivery is sometimes less than desirable. The committee and volunteers that have worked so very hard this past year, to prepare for what we ALL were looking forward to this weekend, deserve only to be thanked and applauded for everything they did. It was also a great disappointment to them when the final message was relayed to the public. I say thank you to those deserving individuals and say don’t give up, and lose faith in what we will have next year. It will come around again and only be bigger and better. Keep the energy; keep the drive and thank you.

As always to our military service members and our veterans - Thank You and know that the appreciation runs deep for you.

The side note to all this was that this years AFAD fell on September 11th. That date, 9/11, for the last 20 years has given us heavy hearts in our loss as a nation that day. For some, it is a memory that is a heavy burden of sorrow in their hearts. Our theme this year, “Remember the Fallen: A Tribute to 9/11” is our communities effort to honor all the souls who were lost, those that lost loved ones, and the survivors that continue to carry those memories in their hearts. We will always be thankful and honored for their sacrifices. To the front-line workers that worked to rescue and attend to the days’ results, we Thank You

The Mountain Home News published a special edition tabloid to be distributed in the park on the 11th, but instead, we will insert it into your papers this week, and distribute it in places where newcomers can receive a copy, as the story, message and history has not changed. We thank our advertisers who participated in this year’s edition and remind everyone to support their local businesses. It is always appreciated! I would also thank my staff for all their hard work in the production and distribution of our special edition ~ you are the best.

Brenda M Fincher

Publisher ~ Mountain Home News

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