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Streetwalkers say Thank You

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

I take great pleasure in writing this letter to thank everyone who donated this year to the Fourth of July fireworks display. This community is so generous and responsive to the Streetwalkers who walk the streets from the middle of March until the fourth of July to experience the pleasure of seeing the annual celebration of our Country’s birth of a nation in such a spectacular fashion. This year the Streetwalkers did not start walking until the first of June which made our total donations less than in years past. As most of you know, the Streetwalkers walk this spring for the fireworks of 2022. If you would like to donate at City Hall or at the Fire Station. I can be reached at 208-599-1837 to come and pick up your donation.

I want to thank all who made a donation, including the businesses and individuals who make this show possible. I would also like to thank the firemen who work so hard to make the show so wonderful for the community. We added some new faces to the Streetwalkers this year and I want to thank them for showing up each week to make the show possible. I am so looking forward to 2022 as it will be the 32nd anniversary of the Streetwalkers beginning! Next year’s fireworks will rock! Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart. Barb would be so proud!

Marianne Bate

Streetwalker “Madam”

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