Letter to the Editor

Reader expresses concern over subdivision

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

City of Mountain Home Council Members and Citizens,

As homeowners in direct impact, we have some concerns with the Thunderbolt Landing Subdivision and the current variances being requested. This letter is not to be construed as we are against the development of the land, in fact we welcome development to mitigate the tumbleweeds and add much needed housing to Mtn. Home. We are encouraging people to attend the meeting on June 14th, 6pm at City Hall.

Our concerns are:

The density of this subdivision will add an extreme amount of traffic on the main thoroughfares that are already busy, this route is commonly used to access the freeway. 6th street, Union Street and 10th street will become the main route for an additional 400+ cars. The traffic study that was presented to the Planning and Zoning Commissioners was conducted for only one day,November 17th, 2020, between the hours of 7-9 and 4-6. With so many people working from home due to Covid the traffic would be minimal, also schools were not in regular hours and the MHAFB was one week on, one week off.

In the current design of the plat, there is a safety concern for the narrowing of the streets from the minimum 60 feet to 36 feet. 36 feet does not allow much room for emergency traffic to safely navigate through cars parked on the sides. If you park a truck and trailer, or camper on both sides it does not allow for traffic to flow safely, then add garbage trucks, cans etc. There are several examples all over town where the narrower streets cause congestion.

These are examples directly from the City of Mtn. Home Planning and Zoning guide of additional reasons why I think this development needs to be thoroughly thought about. In specific:

-make the project attractive and efficient from the standpoint of the adjoining and surrounding noncommercial areas-to avoid undue concentration of population and overcrowding of land

-To allow local school districts to participate in the community planning and development process so as to address public school needs and impacts on an ongoing basis

-To protect property values.

We hope for a denial of the PUD which allows for zoning variances and keep it R-3 or better yet R-1 or R-2 like the area surrounding it. CBH needs to go back to the drawing board and design a thoughtful subdivision that would allow residents in Mtn. Home to build a nice home.


Becky Garvey

Mountain Home