Letter to the Editor

Reader addresses Ego Leadership

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

There are many things that can make a leader fail at being a leader, but the worst of them all is when a leader leads with their ego. The ego is a catalyst for many problems, and when we choose to lead with our ego, we choose to miss the purpose and meaning of true leadership. A leader who leads with their ego is insecure and obnoxious. They care little about their people and more about themselves and their position. A leader who leads with their ego is a danger to their company/organization, as well as the people they should be leading. Finally, a leader who leads with their ego is one whose character should be questioned.

Ego is the architect of pride, and when we allow pride to take hold, we lose our ability to stay humble and lead with purpose. Pride has a way of blinding us from our own faults. If we are never reflecting on our actions, choices, and, most importantly, our motives, we begin to erode the foundation on which we lead. Leadership should be conducted with integrity and respect no matter the cost. Ego keeps leadership from leading with integrity, as the focus is less on what is right, and more on what is right for leadership. No matter how high your position, or how many names are in your title, you will never be better than the people you lead. NEVER FORGET THAT!

How you treat others says a lot about your character. When ego gets in the way, respect seems to disappear. When leadership loses respect from others, their worth and value as a leader quickly diminishes. Respect is key to progress in any company or organization. If leadership canít keep their ego in check, their reputation and character should be questioned. The moment leadership starts treating people inside and outside of their organization with disrespect, it's time to question if that leader should continue in their position. If you want to have a credible and respected company/organization, then leadership should be expected to give respect to all people. A leader who leads with an ego is a disgrace to any company/organization.

To those of you in leadership, pay attention. Your title and position does not make you special. Just because you are in a leadership position doesnít make you special. Your soul purpose should be to stay humble and serve others. The act of selflessness and humility is what makes leadership special. If you want respect, you must give it. If you want to feel important, serve your team. If you want to leave a legacy, lead with integrity and do what is right. Check your ego at the door. Better yet, get rid of your ego all together or stop leading.

Kristopher Wallaert,


Mountain Home, ID