Letter to the Editor

Reader defends COLA opinion

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

To Reba Lindsay,

Unlike your 1/6 redundant LTE, I intentionally kept my article, Dec. 23, 2020, short and to the point in consideration of others who may have wanted to submit an opinion of their own, I’m quite cognizant of H.R. 8598, so please do not insult my intelligence! Perhaps you took out of context my article, as I did not specifically refer to either the Dems or Republicans regarding the COLA. You alone, made the assumption that I pointed my finger at the Dems.

Left-wing politicians and ‘Swamp Creatures’ are metaphors, and yes they are in both partys. You intentionally attacked my character with your personal rhetoric, and I’m quoting your verbatim: “Ms. O’Hanley only serves to exacerbate the current climate of hate and disrespect.” Your choice of word ‘hate’ is offensive and unjustified. Also, respect is earned; not simply given! You further quoted: “Even worse, it encourages acts of violence by others.” Acts of violence by others is a personal decision, Ms. Lindsay, and I am conformable.

Forgive me for not obtaining your ‘stamp of approval’ when I opine!

Rhonda O’Hanley