Answer to the Longarm question!

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

After reaching out to the Western Elmore County Recreation District concerning the Longarm machine disappearance, Michelle Heins responded to our questions. She stated, “that the Letter to the Editor that was published on December 23 was correct in that the machine was no longer there.” According to Heins the quilting machine had been gifted to the quilting club by the previous board in July 2016. On October 2020, the club was notified by the landlord that they would have to move out of the large room they had previously occupied in the back of the recreation office. The current board told them that they could keep the machine there in a different location in the office and it would be no problem.

Linda Simecek, the person in charge of the quilting club in turn sold the machine. After a letter to the Editor was published, stating that if it had been sold the money should be returned to WECRD, $3500 was given to the Rec District. Although the machines purchase price was $7500, they were glad to recoup some of it.

Since the machine was “gifted” to the club, it was not available for public use. According to Heins “It is not the Rec Districts place to tell them what they could do with the machine.