Letter to the Editor

Should politicians have term limits?

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Studies have shown that a vast majority of workers become complacent and indolent after so many years on the job. This applies to both the public and private sector.

Congressional members have deviated from our expectations, and become exuberant. Why? Because as a general rule, term limits have not been imposed in Congress. Officials are usually appointed for a set period of time, but they can in most cases run for re-election continually. They could effectively hold onto the seat for life. By doing so, they procure career security, power and wealthy which is exactly what they crave! A large portion of both the House and Senate members make their decisions based on personal preference and not principle; prodigal.

Although this issue has been debated for decades, our judicial system has clearly disappointed indefinite numbers of american citizens. If term limits were imposed then perhaps we wouldn’t have so many imperious politicians!

“Follow the money.”

Rhonda O’Hanley

Mountain Home