Tuesday, December 15, 2020

In response to this letter to the editor in particular, and all the many additional media releases and responses to our current state situation, addressing topics for our schools, businesses for cities and state, the sad fact is we just don’t have room to publish them all. Being in a pandemic has affected our businesses and each of us personally. We try to choose those that speak for the many as a way to share their messages to our readers. I can assure you that if we do receive any response or letter in opposition to these pleas of additional measures to slow and stop the spread of this virus, I would publish them as well. As a publisher, I do feel that there has been a radio silence locally on how our local leaders feel on the current conditions and what we as a community could face in the future. We do receive the basic notification of office closers and releases of that nature, but no definitive comments of possible plans that would-could affect us here in our cities and county. Aside from the fact that the governor addressed the state again this past Thursday, and kept us in the modified Stage II status, and that he was in fact asked over and over again what HE was going to possibly do, he repeated himself multiple times that he was still leaving it to the local level. Well, what are our local plans? Do we do nothing, say nothing and wait and see what our governor or possible CDH will do? We will not all agree, but in order to have the opportunity to use our voices, and I mean you the citizens, what are the plans in the works for our communities and what is currently being done to keep our community safe if and when the conditions warrant? Are we there yet and just waiting to see what someone else orders? Is there something as a local mask mandate being considered by local officials?

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